GMP and GDP Certification Programme

One reason for the ECA Academy’s excellent reputation is its high-quality Certification Programme. In the past years, thousands of GMP and GDP professionals already relied on the programme to advance their knowledge and to get an additional qualification - and completed the ECA Certification Level.

This comprehensive qualification curriculum comprises 15 programmes, allowing professionals to combine several seminars according to their fields of interest.


A highly qualified personnel is a crucial factor within the field of GMP/GDP-compliant manufacturing and distribution of APIs, drugs and medical devices. College and university education provide a scientific basis which needs to be completed. A continuous advanced training is therefore essential.

This is where the ECA Academy’s GMP/GDP Certification Programme fills the gap. This programme offers modular training with an industry-known certification at the end. Its structure respects companies’ interests, i.e. professionals can

  • select courses according to their individual professional demands
  • suit the course registration to their and their companies’ needs.
    Usually there are several months between the courses in the individual programmes. However, if there are two courses too close to each other, one course can be attended in the following year.
  • free access to the members’ area where you always find the latest update of the “GMP Guideline Manager” online version – allowing you to access a GMP tree with guidelines sorted by topics or by authority. It lets you find relevant guidelines quick and easy. And as member you can also get to this detailed tree with the GMP WebApp on your smartphone or tablet PC.
  • a 200,- Euro rebate for any ECA course and conference, plus the opportunity to complete the GMP Certification Programme with an internationally recognised certificate.

Continuous Expansion of the Programme and Recognition of Past Events

The ECA Certification Programmes are not static. They are rather subject to a constant review, and current topics are added just as “outdated” topics are taken off the list. However, if you attended one or more seminars in the past, these seminars will of course be recognised.


The courses of the ECA Academy enjoy an excellent reputation within Europe's pharmaceutical industry and regulatory authorities. This is proven by the large number of participants, the often booked-up courses and the fact that many speakers and participants come from European GMP Inspectorates.

What is essential for the recognition of a qualified training programme is the speakers’ reputation. ECA employs up to 8 speakers for an education course - preferably representatives from industry and authorities. Frequently, experienced consultants with an exceptional track record complete the trainings.

How to Obtain the Certificate

To obtain the certificate, please send an e-mail prior or after the 2nd or 3rd event (depending on the certification you aim at) to info (at) concept-heidelberg (dot) de. This e-mail should also list the courses you attended in the past. You will then get your certificate at the last course or within the following 2 weeks by post.

Continuous GMP/GDP Certification – a service offered by the ECA Academy

GMP and GDP Certification

In order to reflect the development of a continuous advanced education for GMP and GDP professionals from 2014 on the ECA Academy will issue the Certificates of the Certification Programme with a validity date. Every new Certificate (see list of the Certificates below) will be valid for two years. To renew it the applicant has to join one ECA Training Course or Conference within that period. Applicants are quite flexible in selecting training courses or conferences for the renewal. For example, a Validation Training Course or one on OOS Results will also be recognised for the renewal of the ECA Certified QA Manager Certificate, although these courses are not specifically recognized for the QA Manager Certificate (the same applies to all other certificates). This flexibility takes into account that applicants will broaden their knowledge in GMP Compliance.

The renewal process is easy and will be managed by the ECA Academy. If you have obtained one of the Certificates below in 2014 or later you will automatically receive a new version of your certificate which contains the new two years Certification statement every time you will participate in an ECA Training Course or Conference. Please contact us at if you have any further question.

The New Certificate – Confirmation of Continuous GMP and GDP Education

The new Certificates of the Certification Programme will not only include the title of the certification programme but will also list all ECA Training Courses and Conferences you have participated in. Thus, the Certificate will serve as a valid documentation for your continuous GMP and GDP Education. For a larger view of the sample certificate please click on the image.

Certification Opportunities

Please also see the brochure on the GMP and GDP Certification Programme.

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