The GMP WebApp from ECA

With the ECA's free of charge GMP WebApp you have all GMP information on your smartphone or Tablet PC (e.g. iPad).


The unique WebApp provides a number of GMP features. The App, which works on all smartphones (Apple and Android), is a useful tool for all professionals in the GMP environment. To open it, just go to in your browser and the WebApp opens immediately.

To use the App in a convenient way you need to add the ECA icon to the Home screen (see below left iOS, below right Android).

ECA GMP WebApp - Home Screen

GMP News
From ECA‘s weekly GMP Newsletter you are used to get the latest trends in the GMP environment. Now you can have these news at hand and keep track of all GMP developments any time. You will always find the latest GMP News on your App.

Major GMP Guidelines
The App allows you to access the major GMP Guidelines very easily. Whenever a revised GMP Guide is published the document is available without any update of the App. So you can always check the relevant Guidelines in seconds.

GMP Search
If you are looking for additional GMP information, the „Search“ function is very helpful. Just enter a keyword and select a specific database – or just search in all databases. The GMP Database contains hundreds of GMP articles and more than 1.000 GMP Guidelines. You do not need to search on different websites for the information. The GMP Database provides the links to the most relevant information.

GMP Courses & Conferences
On the ECA website you can scroll a list with all currently offered courses and conferences. The new WebApp does provide that list as well. Simply go on „GMP Courses & Conferences“ to access the complete ECA course and conference programme any time. If you just want to get a list with courses and conferences in a certain area, simply use the „GMP Search“ function decsribed before. And... by the way... if you found the programme you were just looking for... you can even register by using the App.

GMP Guideline Manager
Access to more than 1.200 GMP Guidelines. This function is an exclusive service for ECA Members (Company Members will get access for all employees*). After login you will have access to all GMP Guidelines from EU/EMA, FDA, ICH, PIC/S, ICH, APIC, IPEC and WHO. To log in simply use your user name and password from your ECA Membership account. ECA Members have access to two so called Webtrees. One Guideline Tree is structured according to GMP topics. The second Guideline Tree is structured according to authorities. By using the Guideline Trees you can easily access the Guideline of interest.

* Employees of all sites in the country in which the company signed up for the membership.