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New USP Chapter: Wetting Properties of Pharmaceutical Systems

An expert group of the US Pharmacopoeia (USP) is working on a new chapter on wetting properties of pharmaceutical systems, which may have relevance for both batch and continuous manufacturing. The draft can be found in Pharmaceutical Forum PF49(5).



Changes in Testing for Nitrate and Endotoxins in pharmaceutical Waters in the European Pharmacopoeia

In the Ph.Eur. Supplement 11.4, the EDQM announces the deletion of the test for nitrate in Water For injection (WFI) and Purified Water if the test for conductivity meets the pharmacopoeial requirement for WFI. In addition, the use of recombinant factor C (rFC) to test for bacterial endotoxins will be allowed. Find out more about the changes in the Ph.Eur. Monographs Water for Injection (0169) and Purified Water (0008).



Serious GMP Violations in the Aseptic Area

The FDA uncovered serious deficiencies in the aseptic area during an inspection of a US manufacturer. Deficiencies in smoke studies, media fills, pressure monitoring and cleaning validation are listed.



Contamination at Facility of US OTC Manufacturer

Contaminated equipment, OOS results in microbiological testing, and failures in control of incoming goods led to a Warning Letter from the FDA to a U.S. OTC manufacturer.



EMA issues Concept Paper on modern Manufacturing Techniques used for HMPs

The Committee on Herbal Medicinal Products (HMPC) adopted the Concept paper on the development of a Reflection Paper on modern manufacturing techniques used for herbal preparations. The proposed reflection paper should support the industry in the development and application of modern manufacturing methods regarding herbal preparations.



The possible Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Role of the Qualified Person

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising industry, and the pharmaceutical sector is no exception. One might think AI reaches its limits when it comes to GMP. But there are promising possibilities.



Packaging of Solid Dosage Forms: Warning Letter in the USA

Due to numerous GMP deficiencies, a US company in the field of solid dosage form packaging received a Warning Letter from the FDA. The inspection had already taken place in November 2022. Since the FDA found the company's response to the Form 483 as insufficient, the Warning Letter now followed.



New VDI Guideline 6022, Blatt 1.1 published as Draft

In June, the VDI published the new guideline 6022 Blatt 1.1 as a draft for comment. The new document is intended to expand on the existing Guideline 6022 Blatt 1, which describes the overall hygiene assessment of ventilation and air-conditioning systems.



Clean-up Phase and Recovery Time - is there a Difference?

When planning cleanrooms and their HVAC systems, questions often arise regarding "recovery time" and "clean-up phase". Are these different requirements, or are they the same? Do these only apply to sterile or also to non-sterile products? And do they have to be measured in operation or at rest?



Inadequate Cleaning of Product-Contact Surfaces

In a Warning Letter, the FDA describes the inadequate cleaning of product-contact surfaces and the associated risk of cross-contamination at an Egyptian pharmaceutical manufacturer.



FDA Paper on Artificial Intelligence in the Manufacture of Medicines

The US FDA recently published a discussion paper addressing artificial intelligence in the manufacturing of medicinal products. The FDA is considering the extent to which its risk-based regulation is applicable to AI technologies in the manufacturing of medicinal products.



Dead Leg in Pharmaceutical Water System leads to Warning Letter

Due to deficiencies found in an FDA inspection, a US pharmaceutical manufacturer has now received a Warning Letter. Among other things, a dead leg in the pharmaceutical water system is listed as a deficiency.



Do pharmaceutical Water Systems need a sterile Ventilating Filter?

Pharmaceutical water systems (PW and WFI) require a ventilating filter on the storage tank. It prevents dirty ambient air from being sucked into the system when water is withdrawn from the tank. This is often referred to as a sterile filter. However, there are numerous requirements for "real" sterile filtration according to the current EU GMP Annex 1. But is sterile filtration even necessary for this application?



Which Test Sets are used in the 100% Visual Inspection?

In the 100% visual inspection of parenterals required by the pharmacopoeias, so-called test sets with different tasks and properties are used. Find out what these are and what needs to be taken into account.



Is it possible to monitor for Biofilm Infestation using online TOC Measurement?

In pharmaceutical water systems, the TOC value (Total Organic Carbon) is usually determined online. Since bacteria consist mainly of hydrocarbons, the question arises whether TOC monitoring can also provide information about the microbial status of the water system.


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