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WebEx/Live Online Conference - FAQs

What are the system requirements for Webex? Which browsers are supported?

Technical System Requirements

How can I join an ECA Online Training?

The participation takes place via the browser. To ensure the best possible technical implementation, the installation of the Cisco Webex browser extension is necessary and recommended by us. You can find the extensions of your browser via the respective option button in the browser, and then under the option Extensions.

How can I join the webinar/live online seminar without installing the browser extension?

Joining the Event without downloading the browser extension

Important: Audio streaming is currently only available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Videos shown in the seminar will not play when joined via the browser.

How to install the extension

You do not need the Webex Desktop App to participate.

I have registered for the webinar/live online conference -  How can I dial in on the webinar day? 

When do I get my login data?

You will receive an invitation email one day prior the webinar to register your access data. Please follow the instructions in this email. The registration is mandatory so that we can approve your participation. Afterwards you will receive your access data (you will receive this after successful registration). Please note that the activation / approval is done manually and therefore it takes some time.

Please log in approx. 15 minutes before the actual start to resolve any technical problems that may arise.

Important: A direct participation is only possible when the host has started the webinar. Only then it is possible to enter the virtual conference room.

I joined the webinar/live online conference. How can I make sure I can hear something?

For the sound transmission there is no telephone connection necessary. It will be effected by  the speakers of your PC.

The audio connection is established via VoIP. Please clarify the technical requirements with your IT department.

Troubleshooting options

Which possibilities of communication do I have during the webinar/live online conference?

Please note that all participants of the webinar are muted. You can ask your questions in written form at any time during the webinar/live online conference by using the integrated question tool. Please send all your questions only to the host.

In the following you can see a recording of a live online training course.


Watch this video to learn more about how to use Webex:



In a Live Online Training Course/Conference or Webinar:
You will receive an e-mail with a link for direct participation as well as your log-in data in time before the scheduled date. Please log in about 15 minutes before the training course/conference or webinar starts – by entering your correct name and the e-mail noted in your registration. This allows to fix any occurring technical problems. Registration with Cisco WebEx is not required. Please ignore any screens asking for a registration.

Important: Participation is only possible when the host already started the online training course/conference or webinar. Only then you will be able to enter the virtual training course/conference room.

Audio and media files

There is no telephone connection needed for the sound transmission, it is done via the speakers of your PC.

Additionally for Live Online Training Courses/Conferences and Webinars:
Please check the technical requirements for VoIP transmission with your IT department. Please also note that all participants are on mute during an online course/conference or webinar. For posing questions please take advantages of the chat function.

Your questions will then be answered during of after the course/conference or webinar. 

What does an Online Training Course/Conference or Webinar cost?

You will find the costs in the programmes of the live and the recorded online training courses/ conferences and webinar.

Participation of groups in an Online Training Course/Conference or Webinar

The participation fee only entitles one individual to participate in the online training course/conference or webinar. Therefore only one certificate of participation will be issued per registration. If the participation fee was paid only once and several persons participate, this violates the copyright of CONCEPT HEIDELBERG as well as that of the speaker. If you would like to register a group, please send an e-mail to or call Mr. Schopka: +49 (0) 6221 / 844413. The prices for groups can be found in the respective programme.

Do the participants receive a certificate as well as the training documents?

The presentations will be made available to you as PDF files shortly before the online training course/conference or webinar. After the training course/conference you will automatically receive a certificate of participation.

Technical Information on Recordings/On Demand Training
To participate in an on demand training course or webinar, you do not need any software. The recordings are made available via a streaming server. In general, the recording is provided in MP4 format, which any PC (Microsoft Windows, Apple IOS) or tablet can easily display.

Timing and Duration:

When you register for the on demand Training course or webinar you can decide at what date you want to follow the training course online. For a 1-day training course you will have 2 days in which the stream is available (for 2-day training course 3 days and for a 3-day training course 4 days). Within in this timeframe you can start & stop the stream according to your needs.

In time before the scheduled date (your desired date) you will receive an e-mail from us with a link for direct participation as well as your log-in data.

Please be aware: The recording does not include the Q & A sessions.

Training Course Documentation and Certificate:

The presentations will be made available as PDF files via download shortly before the online training course. After the event, you will automatically receive your certificate of participation.

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