ECA Certified API Production Manager

The requirements for the quality and purity of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients have increased enormously, among others, due to the establishment of the ICH Q7 “Good Manufacturing Practice Guide for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients”. Therefore, highly qualified experts are necessary to put these requirements correctly into practice. The ECA Certified API Production Manager learns the rudiments in one of the intensive courses and can deepen this know-how according to his or her focus by means of two further seminars.

Courses and Conferences acknowledged

To obtain the additional certificate, the applicant must attend three out of the following courses/conferences. After attending the third course, the applicant obtains the additional certificate “ECA Certified API Production Manager”.

  • ICH Q7 Compliance for APIs Manufactured by Chemical Synthesis
  • ICH Q7 Compliance for APIs Manufactured by Cell Culture/Fermentation
  • ICH Q7 Auditor Training Course
  • APIC/CEFIC European Conference on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Handling of Foreign Particles in APIs and Excipients

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