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The ECA Academy organises events in the form of GMP training courses, GMP conferences, GMP in-house training courses and GMP webinars. As Europe's leading institution, it offers these events in 10 European countries and Live Online*.

To get a list with courses and conferences in a specific subject area according to your professional demands, please simply click on any of the subjects below:

+ GMP Basis Training Course
+ Quality Assurance/QP
+ Validation/Qualification
+ Computer Validation/IT Compliance
+ Quality Control / Analytics
+ Microbiology/Hygiene
+ Pharmaceutical Technology
+ Manufacturing (Sterile, Solid, APIs etc.)
+ Packaging/Packaging Material
+ Good Distribution Practice
+ Development/Regulatory Affairs
+ Others

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Overview of all Conferences and Training Courses

Have a look at the complete list of all Conferences and Training Courses.

Also find an overview of all courses, conferences and its corresponding certifications on GMP/GDP as PDF file:

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GMP Certification Programme

Participants in any of the ECA Academy's events receive comprehensive event documentation as well as a recognised GMP certificate confirming their participation. A unique service is the GMP Certification Programme enabling professionals to acquire an additional qualification and a certification, e.g. as a Certified QA Manager.

GMP in-house Training

In addition to public GMP Training Courses and Conferences, the ECA Academy also organises GMP in-house Training Courses. These courses take place at the customer’s production facility. The ECA Academy offers several standard GMP in-house training courses – which can be enhanced or customised to suit every company’s needs. In general, in-house training courses are made for groups of 10 – 20 participants to assure an effective training.

GMP e-learning Training Courses

In adddition, the co-operation with Concept Heidelberg allows us to offer a comprehensive programme of GMP e-learning Training Courses. The participation in a GMP e-learning session is very simple. All you need is a PC with internet connection. GMP e-learning courses are based on videos made in major pharmaceutical companies like Novartis, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim. These videos are used to explain what GMP requirements are and how they have to be implemented and fulfilled.

* The ECA offers discounted travel fare prices in cooperation with Lufthansa. Find out more >

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