GMP/GDP Training Certificate – Proof of your Qualification

Each participant of ECA Training Course, onsite Courses, Webinars and Conferences will receive a certificate from the ECA Academy.

The international GMP and GDP Guides like the EU GMP Guide and the US FDA cGMP Guide state that qualified personnel are a key prerequisite for manufacturing in compliance with the pharmaceutical legislation. Manufacturers thus need to make sure their personnel is sufficiently trained – and must document the training.

On the other side it is essential that the organisation conducting the training is qualified and recognized. The ECA Academy as the ECA Foundation’s educational organisation is Europe´s largest training and information services provider – which is actually also why several thousand training and conference participants rely year by year on their training expertise.

After attending one of the ECA’s GMP/GDP training courses, certification programmes or conferences you receive a confirmation with one of the following documents:

  1. GMP/GDP Training Certificates: for each Training Course, Workshop, Online Seminar, Webinar or Conference you attend you will get a certificate. The same applies for Inhouse Training Courses (courses that are held at customers’ premises for a larger group).

  2. GMP/GDP Certification (confirmation of further education). The ECA offers a comprehensive certification scheme which allows you to qualify as a Validation Manager, QA Manager, Auditor and many more. For this usually three training courses need to be combined. The certificate is then valid for 2 years.

  3. Continuous Education – Certification of GMP/GDP ongoing qualification. The above mentioned GMP/GDP Certification can be continuously renewed by attending an ECA Training Course or Conference within that 2 years validity period.

  4. ICH Q7 Auditor Certification – in cooperation with the APIC/CEFIC, Europe´s largest industry association for APIs, the ECA also offers the largest certification scheme of its kind for Auditors of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

If you apply for ECA Membership as an individual or through a group discount you will benefit from special fees for members only.