Reference Standards - Live Online

Reference Standards - Live Online

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Dr Joachim Ermer, Ermer Quality Consulting, Bensheim, Germany
Dr Rainer Gnibl, GMP Inspector for EMA and local Government, Germany
Jürgen Martin,  Martin Consulting, Germany
Dr Ulrich Rose, Straßburg, France


It is the aim of this Live Online Training to provide information on the characterisation, use and maintenance of analytical Reference Substances.

You will get to know
  •  how to correctly use Pharmacopoeial CRSs,
  •  which compendial and regulatory requirements have to be considered,
  •  how to characterise reference standards,
  •  what GMP inspectors expect when visiting your quality control lab,
  •  how to assign the content for CRSs.
Finally you will get recommendations on how to prepare for an audit in the QC lab with focus on reference material.


The establishment, handling and use of reference standards is a key issue for analysts in every quality control laboratory in the pharmaceutical and API industry. The ability to demonstrate compliance of pharmaceutical products with the original licence approval conditions depends on the accuracy of the analytical results. Therefore, the integrity of the reference material is pivotal to the consistency of all analytical determinations.

The application of reference standards is provided for in many monographs of the various pharmacopoeias (Ph.Eur., USP, BP, JP, etc) as well as in internal test procedures for finished products.

Target Group

This Live Online Training is designed for Analysts, Laboratory Managers, Laboratory Scientists, QC/QA Managers, Qualified Persons and will also be of significant interest to Regulatory Affairs Professionals and organisations providing a regulated contract laboratory Service.

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Reference Substances of the European Pharmacopoeia – Establishment and Use
  • Definition of primary and secondary standards
  • Analytical techniques and methods used for the Establishment
  • CRSs for identification tests
  • Impurities and impurity mixtures as CRSs
  • Assay standards
  • Collaborative Trials
  • Correct use of Pharmacopoeial CRSs
  • Storage, manufacture and distribution of CRSs
Qualification, Management, and Use of Reference Standards in Quality Control
  • Types of reference Standards
  • Certificates and documentation
  • Appropriate use of reference Standards
  • Requirements for commercial reference standards
Reference Standards – GMP Inspector’s Perspective
  • Legal requirements in EU
  • How to characterize & qualify standards?
  • What is expected in EU-GMP inspection?
  • Frequent findings
Content Assignment for Chemical Reference Standards
  • Measurement uncertainty
  • Mass balance approach or assay vs. primary standards?
  • To change or not to change – ensuring reference standard stability
Audits in Quality Control Laboratories focussing on Reference Materials
  • Storage, labelling and expiry date of Reference Standards in the QC lab
  • Documentation requirements
  • Handling and use of Reference Standards in analytical test procedures
  • Content of the Reference Standard SOP
  • Preparing for an audit in QC labs
  • Checklist for Reference Standard procedures
  • Reference Material – Examples for non GMP compliance

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