Lean Equipment Qualification - Live Online Training How to use ECA´s Equipment Qualification Guide for an efficient qualification

Lean Equipment Qualification - Live Online Training

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Aurélie Di Giovanni-Charpy, OM Pharma
Ralf Gengenbach, gempex
Rafael de Souza, Pharmaplan
Dr Alexander Sterchi, IE Industrial Engineering
Sebastian Zeller,Canexis Pharma


A team out of pharmaceutical companies, engineering companies and suppliers have developed ECA´s Integrated Qualification and Validation Good Practice Guide (GPG) over 4 years. Version 2.2 is published in autumn 2022. The key for a successful equipment qualification project is the “hand-in-hand” work from suppliers and customers together.  With the integration of Good Engineering Practice (GEP) into qualification activities GEP-tests can be used also for the qualification phases – without repeated testing.  This is one of the core concepts in the guide and benefit for the industry. With this course the practical “how to do” will be explained with “real-life” case studies.


Thirty years after the coming into force of the EU GMP Guide in 1992 equipment qualification is still often a miracle. Qualification projects overrun scheduled time limits. Failures are discovered in the IQ and OQ exercises. To fix this and the deviation reports the time limits again have been extended.  A non-harmonized terminology causes one of the main problems, especially when it comes to the integration of good engineering practice into qualification. But on the other side is the integration of good engineering practice activities a key factor for qualification in fast-track projects. How can this come together? This is the content of ECA´s Integrated Qualification and Validation Guide.

Target Group

Everyone who may be influenced by the Annex 15 of the EU GMP Guide and FDA Process Validation Guidance regarding  equipment qualification activities and want to see how the guide can be implemented in practice.

Technical Requirements

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Overview: Integrated Qualification and Validation: Good Practice Guide from ECA
Ralf Gengenbach
  • History of Qualification
  • Why a new guideline?
  • Main content and structure
  • Comparison to other qualification guides
  • The team behind
OM Pharma: Harvest Tank Case Study 
Rafael de Souza & Aurélie Di Giovanni-Charpy
  • Project introduction 
  • Lifecycle documents (QRA and URS)    
  • Cooperation supplier – customer
  • Pros and Challenges
  • Next steps
Case Study Canexis Pharma: Risk-based Lean Facility Qualification for a Cannabis Production Building
Dr Alexander Sterchi & Sebastian Zeller
  • Lean, risk-based and integrated facility qualification
  • Efficient collaboration between operations, facility design/construction and qualification experts
  • Holistic support for facility design, utilization and operations
  • Controlled environments for Cannabis extraction and isolation of compounds
  • Combination of GMP and GACP requirements in one common building
Integrated Qualification and Validation Guide
All participants of this course can download the new version 2.2 of the guide free of charge.

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