Press Announcements 2018

Glass Packaging Defect Evaluation List: New Edition 2018

The brand-new 2018 edition of the Defect Evaluation List for Containers Made of Molded Glass will include an appendix with example pictures of specific defect characteristics.


Hear FDA, EDQM and USP on New Requirements for Glass Packaging

The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) just announced to cancel and redevelop their previously published draft proposals on the glass general chapters. The latest developments will thus be in the centre of attention of a joint USP-Ph.Eur.-ECA conference on glass.


New Edition of Defect Evaluation List for Containers made of Moulded Glass

Defect evaluation lists are good and generally accepted tools for deciding whether to accept or to reject packaging batches in the incoming goods inspection. As a delegate at the conference Glass meets Pharma jointly organized by USP, Ph.Eur. and ECA you will receive the defect evaluation list for containers made of tubular glass and the new edition of the defect evaluation list for containers made of moulded glass which will be published directly before the conference.


ECA Foundation establishes new Interest Group on ATMPs

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) are a new emerging class of innovative biopharmaceutical medicines, summarizing gene therapy, somatic cell therapy and tissue-engineered products. Now the ECA Foundation has established the new ATMP Interest Group to support their members with information and guidance.


ECA offers Training Courses and Conferences in 15 European Cities and one Event in the US

From Barcelona to Vienna, ECA offers 15 different European venues for its training courses and conferences. In addition a conference will be held in Chicago USA. Please find the different cities on the ECA webpage. Just click on the respective city picture for the events held in this city

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