Press Announcements 2022

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The more than 150 conferences and training courses the ECA Academy organises per year are supported by more than 200 speakers from the leading pharmaceutical and API manufacturers as well as from medicines authorities like FDA, EMA, PIC/S, WHO etc. Thus, join the team of ECA speakers and benefit from the advantages.


ECA Publishes New Guide on GMP Compliant Equipment Design

The purpose of this Guide is to illustrate the generally applicable requirements for the design of equipment and to explain how the connection between design and the statement “produced in compliance with GMP” can be made. To this end, the guidance contains numerous references and points of contact, a sort of a road map, that offers detailed information on the requirements or ways of proceeding for individual cases. Read more about the Guide here.


What does "GMP-compliant Equipment Design" mean?

What does "GMP-compliant equipment design" mean? This question, which is asked very often, can be answered briefly but not very precisely at first glance. Learn more about a possible answer.


Free participation in the Online Seminar on the Contamination Control Strategy Guide for participants of PharmaCongress 2022

Are you already registered for PharmaCongress 2022 or are you still planning to register? Then you can take advantage of another benefit. As a registered attendee, you can participate in ECA's Online Seminar on the new Contamination Control Strategy Guide free of charge. Read more here.


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