Press Announcements 2024

ECA publishes Q&A Document on Annex 1

Even with the new Annex 1, a lot of question marks remain. A new ECA Q&A document is intended to help answer the most pressing questions regarding the implementation of Annex 1.


What does "GMP-compliant Equipment Design" mean?

What does "GMP-compliant equipment design" mean? This question, which is asked very often, can be answered briefly but not very precisely at first glance. Learn more about a possible answer.


Two FDA speakers at ECA Continuous Manufacturing Conference

The FDA's Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Programme illustrates how important the topic of innovative pharmaceutical manufacturing is to the authority. The participation of a second FDA representative at the ECA Continuous Manufacturing Conference has now been confirmed.


Top three Projects nominated for Wallhäußer Innovation Award

Wallhäußer Innovation Award Ceremony at GMP PharmaCongress & GMP PharmaTechnica: Three projects were selected from 15 submissions for the final nomination.


15 Candidates for the Wallhäußer Innovation Award

This year, 15 proposals from the fields of production and laboratory were submitted for the Wallhäußer Innovation Award. The proposals included production and laboratory technology, software solutions and knowledge management.


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