Press Announcements 2021

European GMP & GDP Forum - the largest Conference of its Kind in Europe

So far, the ECA has been running the GMP and GDP Conference separately every two years. Now, these two events have been combined to create a new platform: the European GMP & GDP Forum.


PEI & ECA jointly organise Workshop on GMP Compliant Manufacturing of COVID-19 Vaccines

To provide a training opportunity for unexperienced staff and a discussion forum for experienced personnel on specific COVID-19 vaccine-related questions, the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute, the German Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines and the ECA Academy jointly organise a two day workshop on the GMP Compliant Manufacturing of COVID-19 Vaccines.


GMP Search Engine - Finding what you look for quickly

If you want to find certain news, guidelines, courses, conferences or a comprehensive list of all quickly you may want to try the GMP Search Engine. It allows you to simply search all ECA databases, just guidelines, news or course and conference materials.


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