Pre-course Session: What you need to know about suppliers in China and India

Pre-course Session: What you need to know about suppliers in China and India

Hamburg, Germany

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York Moeller, J.A.Moeller Chongqing, China

Mukesh Patel, CommQP


Sourcing from Asia: what Procurement and QA should know

  • Trading company or manufacturer – how do I know?
  • Different manufacturing sites – was the right one audited?
  • Transport Qualification
  • Typical GMP Issues of Chinese plants
  • What to consider when auditing a plant
India and China: cultural Aspects to consider when doing Business
  • Meeting people for the first time - what to do and what not to do
  • Guanxi - Chinese word for “relationship” -
  • relationship vs contract
  • How are decisions made inside companies
  • How to find out who is really in charge
  • The Translator - noticing limits
The Indian and Chinese Pharma Market: an overview (legal structures, authorities)
  • Overview about size and number of companies
  • What documents make a company legal
  • What different form of companies do exist
  • CFDA - what are their powers, what are their limits
  • The Chinese Tax and VAT system and its effect on purchases from China
a) Supply Chain Risk Assessment for China
b) Auditing in India
  • Challenges and pitfalls
  • What to look for
  • Infrastructure and Transportation issues

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