Laboratory Optimization, Automation and Digitalization This conference is part of PharmaLab Congress 2022

Laboratory Optimization, Automation and Digitalization

Neuss, Germany

Course No 20309



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The aim of this conference is to show possibilities to optimize the organization of a laboratory and to reduce costs. The topics LEAN, both for the laboratory and laboratory management and the optimization of structures and processes in the laboratory, are addressed. Furthermore, the possibilities of automation are presented and the benefits that can result from the optimization of the method portfolio. Equally modern approaches to cost savings through reduced testing and reduced sampling while maintaining GMP compliance will be presented.


The pressure that the pharmaceutical industry is under today to reduce costs and increase efficiency and effectiveness applies equally to analytical laboratories. Often waiting for the results of quality control is still a speed-limiting step in the entire production process.

Many modern tools such as LEAN, Six Sigma, CIP, etc. are increasingly used to increase the efficiency (also) of analytical laboratories.

The correct recording and evaluation of the "Key Performance Indicators" (KPIs) plays a decisive role in this. Which of these factors are really "key", which ones can be dispensed with?

With this conference, managers and employees in the laboratory learn tools for more effective and efficient control of laboratory activities.

Topics are:

  • LEAN in QC
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Optimization of laboratory processes - practical examples
  • Cost-efficient design of a laboratory
  • Case Studies for Laboratory Automation
  • New analysis methods for the optimization of processes in the laboratory
  • Reduced sampling and reduced scope of testing in the incoming goods inspection of active and auxiliary materials

Target Group

This conference is aimed at laboratory managers and laboratory staff in the pharmaceutical industry who work in the areas of incoming goods inspection, finished goods inspection and analytical development. Also addressed are laboratory managers in the field of pharmaceutical active ingredient and excipient production and contract laboratories. The contents will also be of great interest to competent persons according to §14 AMG and to heads of quality control as well as to employees from the QA department


Operation of PCs & Networks in GMP-Labs
Dr Karl-Heinz Bauer, Boehringer Ingelheim

Laboratory Control from the Cloud, SaaS and Data Integrity – an Excurse
Dr Timo Kretzschmar, Insolve

Qualification of Automated Laboratory Systems including Required Computer System Validation
Carsten Börger, Valicare

MACSQuant Analyzer - a Flow Cytometry Instrument for the GMP Use Case
Dr Dmitry Fridman, Miltenyi

Implementation of a LIMS integrated with the ERP
Flavio Kawakami, Doctorbit/ISPE

How do I find the best LIMS for my lab?
Joachim Post, wega Informatik

Optimization and Real-Time Documentation during the Test for Sterility in Cleanrooms
Olivia Halamoda, Labor LS

How to transfer your innovation from Lab Scale to Manufacturing?
Dr Dana Quaden, Medace

Annex 1 in The Age of Digitization: Reimagining Contamination Control
Takeaway Tools

Parsa Famili, Novatek

The Lab of the Future – Today
Sinead Cowman, Lonza

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