Microbiological Real Time Counting and Testing - This conference is part of PharmaLab 2019

Microbiological Real Time Counting and Testing - This conference is part of PharmaLab 2019

Düsseldorf/Neuss, Germany

Course No 200036


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Different Measurement Methods/Systems - Pros and Cons
Annette Kunz, CSL

Implementation of a Microbial Detection Analyzer For Real-Time Monitoring of Microbial Contamination for Purified Water
Natascha Staub, Mibelle

Biofluorescent Particle Counting (BFPC) for continuousmonitoring in aseptic manufacturing
Dr Marja Claassen-Willemse, MSD

Evaluation of the Scanstation 100 system for the automated incubation and analysis of pharmaceutical environmental monitoring samples using standard Petri plates
Diarmaid O’Riordan, Pfizer

Case Study: Using continuous Real-Time intrinsic Fluorescence Techniques for EM in Isolators
Dr Michael Miller, Microbiology Consultants

IMD-W “In-line system for purified water systems” and other decvices for rapid water bioburden analyses
Dr Sven Deutschmann, Roche Diagnostics

Calculating alert levels and trending of microbiological data
Dr David Roesti, Novartis Stein Pharma

New Generation of Solid Phase Cytometry for Rapid Detection of Microbiological Contaminants in Water Samples
Joseph Pierquin, Redberry

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