Pre-Conference Workshop PharmaLab - 3rd International Mycoplasma qPCR Testing User Day Part of PharmaLab Congress 2022

Pre-Conference Workshop PharmaLab - 3rd International Mycoplasma qPCR Testing User Day

Neuss, Germany

Course No 20315



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Mycoplasma contamination of biopharmaceutical products (also known as biologics or large molecules) resulting from cell culture contamination in the manufacturing process poses a potential health risk to patients. Mycoplasmas can affect virtually every cell culture parameter with often only minor visible effects, creating an uncontrollable environment that is undesirable in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, regulatory agencies require manufacturers to test their biopharmaceutical products and to ensure the absence of mycoplasmas in released products. Most regulatory agencies have issued guidelines that provide protocols for mycoplasma testing, and some give recommendations for the validation of rapid NAT (nucleic acid amplification techniques) testing methods. This satellite symposium will give you a scientifically sound introduction into the field of Rapid Mycoplasma testing with a specific focus on NAT and more specifically on qPCR methods. It includes talks, case studies as well as interactive round table discussions from users to users.

Target Group

The Pre-Conference Workshop is directed to responsible personnel involved in Quality Control testing of biopharmaceuticals and biologics, e.g.:

  • QC Managers
  • Microbiologists and Process Microbiologists
  • Analytical Experts
  • Biosafety and Pathogen Safety SME’s
  • Responsible Authority Employers


Pitfalls and Issues on Mycoplasma Testing According to Pharmacopoeial Requirements -
A Regulator´s View on ATMPs

Jan Oliver Karo, Paul-Ehrlich Institut, German Federal Agency for Vaccines and Biomedicines

dPCR quantified Mycoplasma Standards – a New Level of Confidence
Dr Miriam Dormeyer, Sartorius

Challenges during the Validation of an Alternative Mycoplasma Detection Method
Christiana Schnitzler, Boehringer Ingelheim

Mycoplasma Testing for ATMPs: Rapid Methods and Validation Strategies
Dr Stefanie Bayer, Labor LS

Mycoplasma Detection in Complex ATMP Matrices
Dr Jonathan Hanley, Nissui Pharma Solutions

Validation of DNA Extraction Robots - The Balance between GMP Annex 11 v. Actual Best Performance
Jo Milne, Mycoplasma Experience

Recent revision proposal of Ph. Eur.-Chapter 2.6.7 "Mycoplasmas": What is proposed to be changed and why?
Dr Sven M. Deutschmann, Roche, Member of the EP Expert Group

Alternative Adventitious Agents Detection Methods in Biopharmaceuticals: A Proposal for a Structured Best Practice Approach for their Evaluation, Validation and Implementation
Dr Sven M. Deutschmann, Chair of the Phamaceutical Microbiology Working Group

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