GMP & GDP Forum 2023 Day 1 and 2

GMP & GDP Forum 2023

Barcelona, Spain

Course No 20780



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Ib Alstrup | GxP IT Medicines Inspector with the Danish Medicines
Agency, DMA, Denmark
Peter Flury | CSL Behring, Switzerland
Ralf Gengenbach | Gempex, Germany
Dr Rainer Gnibl | GMP Inspector, District Government of
Upper Bavaria, Germany
Thomas Højsholm Schmidt | CSL Behring, Switzerland
Dr Afshin Hosseiny | Qualified Person, Chairman of the ECA
Advisory Board, UK
Alfred Hunt | European GDP Association Chairman, Ireland
Saddam Huq | GlaxoSmithKline, U.K.
Dr Rainer Kahlich | Local Government of Baden-Württemberg,
Dr Ulrich Kissel | European QP Association, Switzerland
Dr Bernd Renger | Qualified Person, Immediate Past Chairman
of the European QP Association, Germany
Dr Uwe Rettig | IDT Biologika, Germany
Dr Peer Schmidt | AbbVie Deutschland, Germany
Dr Torsten Schmidt-Bader | moveproTEC compliance advisory,
Dr Thomas Schneppe | Bayer Bitterfeld, Germany
Dr Wolfgang Schumacher | Chairman of ECA´s IT Compliance
Group, Switzerland
Dr Frank Seibel | Roche Diagnostics, Germany
Lance Smallshaw | UCB Biopharma, Belgium
Dr Ingrid Walther | Pharma Consulting Walther, Germany


Dear Colleagues,
I would like to invite you to the European GMP & GDP Forum from 20 – 22 June 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. Our ECA members are familiar with biannual conferences on GMP and GDP we have been running for several years. Since 2021 this unique Forum combines the European GMP Conference and the European GDP Forum. With this format by combining both GMP and GDP subjects, we have created a new opportunity for you to hear speakers from across the industry and authorities, and learn about the whole Pharma supply chain challenges. And this year the Forum will be an on-site event that you can meet face-to-face. We have dedicated day 1 to GMP, day 2 will be a combination of both GMP and GDP and the final day will be focussed on GDP topics only. This will allow you as a participant to take advantage of the event based on your personal needs and interest in the specific subject areas, you can now choose to attend the forum just for one of the three days, two days or all three days. For our second Forum in June 2023 we have invited speakers from Regulatory Authorities and Pharmaceutical Industry to share and discuss with you the latest GMP & GDP developments. I look forward to welcoming you to this event – on-site! Yours sincerely, Dr Afshin Hosseiny, Chairman of the ECA Advisory Board

Target Group

The conference is of particular interest for GMP experts of pharmaceutical companies (e.g. QA, QC, production, regulatory a airs), of GMP inspectorates and Regulatory Authorities. It is also of interest for all personnel involved in GDP – pharmaceutical storage, transportation, cold chain and Distribution activities and the control of these activities.


Agenda Day 1 and 2

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