Conference folder

Here you will find the conference documentation for any seminar you missed. So if you are looking for information about GMP topics such as validation, FDA, computers, quality assurance, you are in the right place.

For 380,- EUR plus VAT and postage you can order the seminar folder online!

Please note that we will deliver the folder after receiving your advance payment. If your company is located in an EU member state, please do indicate your VAT No.!

If you order from a non-EU country (except Switzerland), please note that the minimum order value for Conference Folders must be at least 1,000 EUR.

Search for Conference folders

Tip: Start with generic terms, e.g. validation, FDA, computers, etc. and then in the second step you can look for detailed terms such as water system, HPLC, process validation, etc.

As a result of your search, all courses and conferences will be displayed that comprise presentations containíng the search term. If you click on any of the search results, you will directly get to the order link.

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