ECA - Plastic/Elastomeric Materials for Pharmaceutical Packaging & Production

Art-No.: A-1196
Date: 25-26 September 2019

Price: EUR 380,-

The Conference folder includes the following topics:

No. Topic Summary Pages
14591Manufacturing of Plastic Materials (and Handling in the Warehouse)048
14592Chinese Regulatory Requirements for Plastic/Elastomeric Materials 027
14593Introduction inti Plastic and Elastomeric Materials00
14594U.S Regulatory Requirements for Plastic/Elastomeric Materials052
14595E.U. Regulatory Requirements for Plastic/Elastomeric Materials047
14596Specific Requirements for Plastic/Elastomeric Materials031
14597Extractables / Leachables: Case Study033
14598Polymer Additives in Plastic/Elastomeric Materials094
14599Quality Control of Plastic/Elastomeric Materials078
14600Child-resistant Packaging030
14746USP Draft<665>:Plastic Materials, Components and Systems used in Manufacturing042
14747Supplier Qualification036

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