ECA - Lifecycle Management in Pharmaceutical Analysis

Art-No.: A-1177
Date: 18.-19. June 2019

Price: EUR 380,-

The Conference folder includes the following topics:

No. Topic Summary Pages
14317The Three Stages of Analytical Lifecycle Management015
14318Analytical Target Profile - TMU Requirements014
14319Analytical Target Profile - Small Molecules013
14320Workshop: Understanding variability (statistical simulations)010
14321Stage 1: Method Design - small molecules025
14322Stage 1: Method Design - Biopharmaceuticals024
14323Workshop: Risk Assessment025
14324Stage 1: Robustness and DoE - Small Molecules033
14325Stage 1: Robustness and DoE - Biopharmaceuticals024
14326Stage 2: Method Selection, Lifecycle and Change Management018
14327Workshop Replication level07
14328Workshop: Method Selection, Lifecycle and Change Management015
14329Stage 3: Continued Method Performance Verification - Small Molecules020
14709Stage 3: Continued Method Performance Verification - Biopharmaceuticals018
14710Workshop Routine Monitoring02

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