ECA - Integrating Analytical Instrument Qualification and Computerised System Validation

Art-No.: A-1026
Date: 19-20 October 2015

Price: EUR 380,-

The Conference folder includes the following topics:

No. Topic Summary Pages
12898Introduction to the Course015
12899Analytical Equipment Qualification: Where Are We Now?033
12900Computerised System Validation: Where are we now?022
12901An integrated Approach to AIQ and CSV for Analytical Systems016
12902Workshop 1: Application of the Proposal<1058> Risk Assessment for Three Laboratory Instruments and Systems 028
12903Workshop 2: Process Workflows; Exploring the Possibilities for an Integrated Approach to AIQ and CSV 07
12904An integrated Approach to AIQ and CSV for Analytical Systems014
12905Workshop 3: Turning Principles of the Integrated Approach into Practice 05
12906Documenting the Qualification & Validation Effort015
12907Introduction to Day 2022
12908Component Installation and Integration016
12909Workshop 4: Risk Assessment of Vendor IQ & OQ Documentation 06
12910Configuring the System to Meet User Needs018
12911Workshop 5: Documenting the User Configuration 03
12912User Acceptance Testing; Instrument, Software & System024
12913Workshop 6: How to Focus on Critical Areas for User Acceptance Testing 02
12914Essential Elements for Maintaining Qualification and Validation Status of Instruments and Systems 08
12915Review of Key learning Points01

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