ECA - Inspection Management (How to pass EU and FDA Inspections)

Art-No.: A-232
Date: 21- 23 September 2016

Price: EUR 380,-

The Conference folder includes the following topics:

No. Topic Summary Pages
1915Typical Compliance Issues032
1916Case Study: Proactive Compliance and Inspection Management - it's more than Self Inspection Workshop: An Inspection Management Risk Model 016
1917The View of a former MHRA Inspector:Quality management systems and their assessment 039
1918The View of a former FDA-inspector: The FDA Inspection System 019
1919What makes a good Inspector030
1920Workshop Session " Preparing for a Regulatory Inspection " Risk Analysis related to the Inspection and Findings " Know your GMPs 076
1922Authority expectations, some practical examples from an Ex-Inspector 058
8405The MOCK-Inspection: Auditing your Company to prepare for international Inspections 034
10190Preparation and Management of Regulatory Inspections019
11364The Psychology of Inspections044
13670The juristic Perspective - how Legal Department can support QA06

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