ECA - Handling OOE and OOT Results

Art-No.: A-1067
Date: 14-15 November 2016

Price: EUR 380,-

The Conference folder includes the following topics:

No. Topic Summary Pages
13272Regulatory Importance of Trend Analysis under the EU GMPS021
13273The statistical tool box; basics for selection044
13274Recommendations for Process Control of Variables (OOT1)023
13275Example applications for Variables I SPC040
13276Example applications for Variables II Cusum for Investigations022
13277Recommended methods: Trending for Process Control of Attributes034
13278Examples for trending for Process Control of Attributes (OOT 2)040
13279Trending for Stability Data I; a simplified linear regression approach044
13280Trending for Stability Data II; a more advanced Random Coefficients Regression model039
13281Recommendations on: Out of Expectation Results (OOE)026
13755Interactive Workshop - Part I - Variables015
13756Interactive Workshop - Part IV - OOE012
14130LABORATORY DATA MANAGEMENT GUIDANCE Out of Expectation (OOE) and Out of Trend (OOT) Results070

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