ECA - Data Integrity Master Class / Raw Data

Art-No.: A-1179
Date: 05/ 06-08 June 2018

Price: EUR 380,-

The Conference folder includes the following topics:

No. Topic Summary Pages
14347Regulatory Update037
14348Data Integrity in a Pharmaceutical Quality System028
14349Data Integrity in Paper Documentation031
14350Data Flow Analysis042
14351Metrics for Data Integrity023
14352Preparing your company for an DI inspection032
14353Data Integrity Inspections046
14354Second Person Review028
14355Time Synchronisation030
14356Software Suppliers Responsibility for Data Integrity Compliance024
14357Control of Master Templates and Blank Forms027
14358Risk based approach for manufacturing and laboratory Audit Trail Review025
14359Vulnerability of Records019
14360Cybersecurity Measures to assure Data Integrity035
14361Data Governance026
14362Results of a Data Integrity Audit from a Contract Lab040
14363Case Study Data Migration - Laboratory020
14364Case Study Data Migration - Production017
14365Options for Long Term Data Retention of Lab Data018
14366Data Integrity Investigations022
14367Why is an Audit Trail and its review important025
14368What is in a name025
14369What are GMP-relevant Data?011
14370Review of Audit Trail entries012
14371Technical Controls to aid Second Person Review of Audit Trails026

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