ECA - Contamination Control

Art-No.: A-933
Date: 28-30 November 2018

Price: EUR 380,-

The Conference folder includes the following topics:

No. Topic Summary Pages
11906Basic Principles of Hygiene and Contamination Control037
11907Regulatory Requirements for Sanitizing035
11908Sources of Contamination and Preventive Measures021
11909Microbiological Monitoring039
11910Trending of Environmental Monitoring Data037
11911Microbiological Control of Water Systems043
11912Qualification of Disinfectants033
11913Cleaning and Disinfecting of Surfaces062
11914Case Study: Managing Disinfection System028
11915Workshops: Case Studies : Disinfection Issues and Handling of Microbiological OOS Results 08
11916Hygiene of Personnel - Cleanroom Performance 038
11918Quality Risk Management044
11919Cleanroom Garment, Issues in Selection, Laundering and Logistics072
11920Training of Operators036
13147Validation of a decontamination system for production equipment, process devices and claenrooms051
14634Cleanroom consumables - a so called "Cent Product" with consequences053

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