ECA - Analytical Instrument Qualification

Art-No.: A-537
Date: 07-09 March 2017

Price: EUR 380,-

The Conference folder includes the following topics:

No. Topic Summary Pages
7547USP General Chapter <1058> Regulatory Aspects of Instrument Qualification067
7548General Aspects of Calibration042
7549Risk Assessment in Analytical Laboratories046
7551Workshop I: Apparatus & Instrument List Case Study / Risk Categorisation according to USP <1058>010
7552Calibration Management056
7553Workshop II: Risk Analysis / Qualification of pH Measuring Instruments022
7555Workshop III. Balances, Dissolution, Apparatus07
7556General Aspects of Computervalidation in Analytical Laboratories031
7557Qualification of GC Instruments076
7558Validation of Excel Spreadsheets029
7559Workshop IV:Validation of Excel Spreadsheets012
8078Balances and Weighting Process030
9723Case Study: ELISA Qualification Balances00
10485Qualification of Specific Instruments and Systems038
11504HPLC/Chromatography Data Systems029
11505Assurance of Controlled Temperature and Humidity023
13142Volumetric Apparatus (Pipets, Dispenser, etc.)s028

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