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Online Trainings allow you to participate in an right at your PC on your desk. During these trainings, you can see the speaker in a video image. At the same time you can follow the speaker’s presentation right next to his image. The ECA offers different kinds of online trainings:.

  • Live Online Trainings: Webinars – commonly with one speaker – bring you up to date quickly and conveniently in about 2 hours. In live online seminars, on the other hand, you participate - almost like in a face-to-face event – right at your PC in a complete 1 or 2 days seminar and with several speakers - including the opportunity to discuss with speakers and participants. Here you will get to the currently offered Live Online Seminars and Webinars.

  • Recorded Online Seminars: If you don't have time to participate in a webinar or a live online seminar on the date it takes place, the recordings of webinars and complete seminars provide you with the opportunity to watch them at a later time - anytime and anywhere. These recordings are a 1:1 replay of the live webinars and seminars, including questions from attendees and answers from the speakers. Here you will get to the currently offered recorded online seminars and webinars.

Please find an extract of a recorded GMP Webinar here:

Do I need specific software?

For our online seminars and webinars, we use Cisco WebEx, one of the leading suppliers of online meetings. At you can check if your system meets the necessary requirements for the participation at a WebEx meeting and at the same time install the necessary plug-in. Please just enter your name and email address for the test. If the installation is not possible because of your rights for the computer system, please contact your IT department. WebEx is a standard nowadays and the necessary installation is fast and easy.

1. System requirements


  • JavaScript and Cookies enabled
  • ActiveX enabled und Blocking disabled for Microsoft Internet Explorer (recommended)
  • Webex Plug-In for Firefox or Chrome activated
  • Java 6.0 or later version


  • JavaScript und Cookies enabled
  • Plug-Ins in Safari enabled
  • Java 6.0 or later version

Check out all supported operating systems and browsers.

With this Test-Link you can check if your system meets the requirements to participate in a WebEx Meeting and install the necessary plug in as well. Please enter your name and email address for this test. If the installation is not possible due to technical restrictments please contact your IT department. WebEx is considered as standard webinar service today and preparations are easy to be made.

2. Participation in a Live Online Seminar or Webinar

You will receive an email with a link to register your data one day prior to the live online seminar or webinar. Please follow the instructions in this email. Registration of your data is mandatory for receiving your Log-In information which you will receive after successful registration.

Please log in about 15 minutes before the webinar starts in order to fix any occurring technical problems.

Please enter live online seminar or webinar by entering your correct name and the email noted at your registration.

Registration with Cisco WebEx is not required. If any screen regarding this occurs please ignore this.

Important: Participation is only possible if the host already started online seminar or webinar. After this you will be able to enter the virtual conference room.

3. Audio and media files

Sound transmission will be provided via VoIP. There is no telephone line needed, only PC speakers or headset are required.

Please check the technical requirements for VoIP transmission with your IT department.

Please be advised that upon entering the webinar all participants will be muted. If questions occur during the webinar please ask them in writing via the Q&A tab. In live online seminars you will be able to discuss with speakers and other participants.

Can I forward questions to the speaker?

Yes, you can ask questions, but only in live webinars and seminars of course. During the webinar, you can submit your questions in writing via the Q&A tab, in a live seminar you can discuss with speakers and other participants – with the difference that you sit in front of your PC.

What is the price for an Online Seminar or Webinar?

Fees (plus VAT)
You will find information on the fees in the description of the single trainings. Please note that the mentioned fees for live and recorded webinars do not include the ECA Membership. (Find more about the ECA Membership)

Participation of a Group
You have colleagues who also want to participate in the online seminar or webinar? Then register yourself and your colleagues as a GROUP! You can view the webinar either together (e.g. in a conference room, etc.) or also each individually on your own PC.

Please contact Mr Rouwen Schopka, phone +49(0)6221-844413, for details. You will find the fees for groups on the individual programme.


By mail, fax, e-mail or online on the Internet at In order to avoid misunderstandings, please indicate the exact address and the full name of the participant. You will receive your access data by e-mail in due time prior to the event.

Do the participants receive a certificate as well as the documentation?

The presentations will be made available to you prior to the online seminar or webinar as PDF files. After the training, we will automatically send you a certificate of participation.

How do I order a recorded Seminar or Webinar?

To order a recorded seminar or webinar, simply choose the training you want from the recorded seminar/webinar list and send us the completed form. It is important that you also let us know when you plan on watching the recording. Along with your invoice you also get an access code for that day – this code is active for 24 hours only. Within this period you will be able to access and watch the recording any time.

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