What are FDA's Requirements for Pharmaceutical Quality - YouTube Videos give Answers

The FDA presented its requirements for pharmaceutical quality, including quality assurance aspects in a webinar. This webinar focused on stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain worldwide. The presentations are available as YouTube videos.

According to the FDA, the view on pharmaceutical quality should be uniform. In the age of globalisation where there are many parties involved in the supply chain of pharmaceuticals. In order to also address stakeholders who are spread over different locations worldwide and therefore work in different time zones, the FDA has made the slides of the lectures on pharmaceutical quality and also the lectures themselves available as YouTube videos. 

The target groups mentioned are

  • Manufacturers outside the USA (finished drugs and APIs)
  • Government officials outside the USA
  • Marketing authorisation experts

There are a total of 12 presentations, which also contain data on inspections and inspection deficiencies, for example, but also deal with topics relevant to authorisation such as "Changes".

You can find access to the slides and videos under "A Pharmaceutical Quality Webinar for Global Stakeholders" on the FDA Website.

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