USP: Chapter "Weighing on an Analytical Balance <1251>" published for Comments

Like the USP chapter "Balances <41>", which we reported on in our September news, the chapter "Weighing on an Analytical Balance <1251>" has been updated and revised. The new version of this chapter has now been posted on the USP Pharmacopeial Forum website for comment. Comments on this draft, which is based on the previous version from May 2018, can be submitted until 30 November 2023.

The revision of this chapter was initiated in order to adapt the contents to the new aspects of the general chapter "Balances" of the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) and to reflect the requirements of the new chapter "Balances <41>" of the USP. In addition to formal changes, the paragraph "Balance Checks" was deleted and integrated into the paragraph "Performance Qualification". The paragraph "Principle" is completely new.

The current draft is comprisesd of the following items:

  • Introduction
  • Principle
  • Qualification
    o Installation
    o Operational Qualification
    o Performance Qualification
    o Balance Checks
    o Minimum Weight
  • Operation of the analytical Balance
    o Receivers
    o Types of Weighing
    o Problem Samples Materials
    o Safety Considerations When Weighing
  • Additional Sources of Information

You can view and comment on the draft chapter "Weighing on an Analytical Balance <1251>" after a one-time registration on the Pharmacopeial Forum website.

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