Track&Trace - IT Implementation ordered by European Pharmaceutical Associations

The "European Medicines Verification Organisation" (EMVO) announced on 22 June 2015 that it has completed the contract negotiations with three partners that will be the preferred suppliers for the implementation of the system for data storing ("repositories system") in compliance with the counterfeiting directive in the EU.

This system is supposed to enable the verification and authentication of medicinal products in Europe. Therefore the five participating European associations (EAEPC, EFPIA, EGA, GIRP and PGEU) had founded the non-profit organisation EMVO in February of this year, which will take the lead in the creation of this system.

The EMVO has now developed a model ("blueprint model") for a practical and cost effective implementation of the system to store the data. This aims at facilitating the work of the national parties involved.

Also, the EMVO has successfully completed the negotiations now with three partners:

  • Aegate Holdings Limited
  • Arvato Systems GmbH
  • Solidsoft Reply

Thus the EMVO made an important step to ensure the supply chain of medicinal products in the future and to prevent counterfeit medicines from reaching patients. The involved national parties should now follow the example of the EMVO and also take over contracts with these selected service providers.

See also the complete release of the European Medicines Verification Organisation for further information.

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