RMM Homepage - Update and new Structure of Literature List

The subpages with the regulatory background, literature reports and articles about the different types of Rapid Microbiological methods was recently revised and updated. The new structure shows three parts

  • Regulatory Documents
  • Books & Overview Articles
  • Papers on RMM & their Validation

The sections include references to nearly 60 documents and articles. The third part, for example, includes the following topics:

  • Enumeration of microorganisms (e.g. non-sterile product testing, environmental monitoring)
  • Presence/absence (e.g. sterility test, media fill, indicator microorganisms)
  • Identification of microorganisms
  • Pyrogentest, bacterial endotoxine and monocyte activation test

Fore more details please check the members area of the Rapid Microbiological Methods Working Group.

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