Revision of USP Chapter <541> Titrimetry

In the Pharmacopeial Forum, PF 48(5), a revision of USP chapter <541> Titrimetry is being proposed. The proposal is based on the version of the chapter official prior to 2013.

The chapter was previously divided into the following main sections:

  • Direct titrations
  • Residual titrations
  • Complexometric titrations
  • Oxidation-reduction (Redox) titrations
  • Titrations in nonaqueros solvents
  • Indicator and potentiometric endpoint detection
  • Blank corrections
According to the proposal, the chapter will be restructured into only three sections:
  • Introduction
  • Types of titrations
  • Materials and equipment

In addition, besides minor editorial changes, the following updates are mentioned in the briefing notes:

  • "Incorporate most of the currently official chapter information into the revised chapter in corresponding sections with the same section titles, if applicable.
  • Replace Table 1 and Table 2 with information provided under Types of Titrations and Materials and Equipment.
  • Add Automated Titration and Standardization of Titrants to provide current information regarding modern titrimetry processes."

The draft of the revised chapter is available on PF Online. Comments can be submitted until November 30, 2022.

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