Recent Postings in the GDP Discussion Forum

The European GDP Association (GDPA), representing more than 4,300 professionals from across the globe, offers a Discussion Forum free of charge for its members. The Discussion Forum gives you the opportunity to address your GDP-related questions to a large audience.

Highlights from the last few Weeks

Among the topics that have been discussed in recent weeks are the following:

  • Distribution of free samples
  • Temperature control in warehouse
  • Shipment of samples for clinical trials
  • Validation of ERP systems
  • Qualification of transport vehicles and containers
  • Temperature excursions
  • GDP & Incoterms

Start your own Discussion

If you want to ask a question, you can click on "NEW CONTRIBUTION". Then a window will open where you can enter your inquiry. When you have sent off the contribution, your question will appear a little later in the Discussion Forum where other visitors can answer it. The GDP Forum lives from your participation. If you are a GDP expert and know the answer to a question, we would be very happy if you'd share it with us. If you can help just click the question and write and send off an answer. If you wish to be notified about new contributions or changes, you can subscribe to notifications.

The GDP Discussion Forum is accessible free of charge in the member's area of the European GDP Association.

If you are not a member yet, you can apply for membership using the application form. Membership is available at no cost. Once you are signed in, the Discussion Forum will be available for you.

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