Proposed Revision of the USP Chapter on Spectroscopic Methods

In the Pharmacopeial Forum of the USP the revision of the General Chapter <197> on Spectroscopic Identification Tests is proposed. 

Among the most important changes are: 

  • Title change to "Spectroscopic Identification Tests",
  • A new Introduction is supposed to be added,
  • A new section "Identification Methodology" is supposed to be added,
  • A section heading change from "Infrared Absorption" to "Infrared Spectroscopy",
  • A new section Near Infrared and RAMAN Spectroscopy is proposed to be added,
  • A new section Equivalent/Alternative Tests is proposed to be added.

The most important technical revision in this USP proposal is that it will be possible in the future to compare the recorded spectrum of the sample to be examined with the spectrum of the official reference standard already recorded and stored before.

With this proposal, the current USP initiative is being pursued to revise the General Chapters of the USP to implement the latest technological advances in the field of spectroscopy.

For further information on the USP proposal please see the USP Website of the Pharmacopeial Forums (PF).

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