Rapid Microbiological Methods Database updated with new Systems

As part of the periodical update of our database we added four new systems and updated the data of two systems.

The added systems are:

ChemScan RDI (Scan RDI for US market) - based on two proven technologies – fluorescent cell labelling and laser scanning, and is also called Solid-Phase Cytometry.

D-Count  and BactiFlow ALS - combine fully automated fluorescent viable cell labelling and digital flow cytometry into powerful systems that can detect and count individual cells without the need for cell growth as a detection requirement.

microCompass™ II  - assays will facilitate rapid detection for total bioburden load, sterility testing, Mycoplasma, and a variety of specific organisms.  It will be combined with the BD MAX™ System is based on microfluidics and molecular biology technologies, which fully automate nucleic acid extraction/recovery, polymerase chain reaction setup, amplification and detection.

Furthermore, the information of the following systems was updated: Vitek MS and MIDI Sherlock® Microbial Identification System (MIS).

You can access the database in the RMM Group's members area.

All these systems will also be presented during the conference exhibition at the RMM Conference in Berlin, Germany, from 7-8 December.

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