Questions and Answers on GMP eLearning

Who is the target group of the GMP eLearning System?

The system has been developed for the training of new personnel who hasn't received any training on GMP yet. The learning contents are addressed to this target group. Employees who already have good knowledge of GMP should attend Conferences or in-house trainings

How to receive the Certificate of Participation?

The company's Administrator only can create accounts for the participants, for which he needs to register their names and email addresses. The system automatically generates an email to the participant which contains his/her access data. With this information the participant can start the eLearning programme. When the participant successfully completes a training module, both the participant and the Administrator receive the certificate per email.

How can be checked if the training sessions have been successfully completed?

The Administrator only has access to a special view where he can see which employees have already begun a training session. Moreover, he can see whether the module has been successfully completed or not.

Is it possible to see if participants tried to take an exam several times?

As soon as participants pass a test, their access data are deleted. This prevents them from retaking an exam without asking the administrator before. It ensures that the participant can only repeat a test once the Administrator enabled it.

What happens when a participant doesn't pass a test?

The Administrator - as described above - has access to a special view. There, he can renew the access to a test for persons who didn't succeed it. For security reasons, the former access data are deleted after an exam was taken. That's why the participant receives new access data. We recommend an individual training for employees who haven't succeeded after the repeat training. Negative exam results are not saved. This is an important piece of information for the Work Council.

How difficult are the questions at the end of the modules?

The questions have been made in a way that if the participants have listened carefully to the training, they will be able to answer the questions. GMP Beginners are the target group of the eLearning programme. This has been taken into account during the creation of the questions.

Do participants have to pass every module exams to receive a certificate?

No, they don't. You can individually select modules for each employee. This means one module or both. Each module has a test at the end of it after which you can receive a certificate, if succeeded.

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