PEI & ECA jointly organise Workshop on GMP Compliant Manufacturing of COVID-19 Vaccines

Vaccine development and deployment are crucial to control the COVID-19 pandemic. Platform technologies have enabled rapid development of vaccines with demonstrated efficacy against COVID-19. However, large-scale manufacturing is both a prerequisite and a challenge in meeting the global demand. This implies upscaling of manufacturing, meeting Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements, and switching of manufacturing in existing facilities.

The workshop organised by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut and the ECA Foundation will address these topics and provide an overview of issues related to GMP manufacture of vaccines and practical insights from experts in the field. The objective is to provide a training opportunity for inexperienced staff and a discussion forum for experienced personnel on specific COVID-19 vaccine-related questions. Besides the above-mentioned topics the invited speakers will cover GMP issues, microbiological and viral safety aspects, QC and environmental monitoring aspects as well as important regulatory issues and framework.

The workshop will be held virtually and will take place from 10 to 11 March 2021. The registration fee is just 350,- EUR. For more information please see the programme of the Workshop GMP Compliant Manufacturing of COVID-19 Vaccines.

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