New Version 12.0 of the GMP Guideline Manager released with new features

The GMP Guideline Manager Software contains over 1,100 GMP guidelines, including FDA, EC, PIC/S and ICH as well as Good Practice Guides from major organisation such as APIC/CEFIC and IPEC. The new version 12.0 was released recently.

After starting the software the table of contents appears. From here you can call up any of the guidelines. The GMP guidelines data base contains the complete texts. On your PC you can conduct quick research in the guidelines, a full-text search and even print out the texts.

The new release 12.0 contains two unique additional features:

  • You can search a certain key word in all documents, but you can also limit the search to certain organisations e.g. to search only in FDA Documents 
  • In addition to the Guideline Tree sorted by issuing authorities, a second Guideline Tree is now part of the software. Users may use this Guideline Tree to find the applicable guideline, e.g. to "sterile manufacturing" or to "APIs".

Important: This software cannot be purchased. The GMP Guideline Manager is a free gift for all members of the European Compliance Academy (ECA).  If you participate in any ECA event the CD will be part of your conference material!

If you can not attend any ECA event in the near future, individual membership is available for just 190,- € and includes not only the GMP Guideline Manager CD but also discounts for future ECA Events, access to the ECA Members' area and discounts for GMP publications such as the ECA Good Practice Guide. A second type of membership, the company membership, contains a multi user version of the GMP Guideline Manager as well as discounts for future ECA events for all employees of the company in that specific country. A number of companies already applied for the company membership. 

You can find the membership application form here.

The European Compliance Academy (ECA) was founded on the 1st of January 1999. The ECA is an independent organisation chaired by a Scientific Advisory Board with 10 members of the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory authorities. With close to 4,000 members, ECA has become the leading European association with regard to pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and GMP compliance.

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