New Possibilities for Sharing Experiences in implementing Alternative Microbiological Methods

In the past the ECA Pharmaceutical Microbiology Group (PMG) has tried to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences between their members in different ways. In addition to conferences, seminars and guideline documents, best practice papers on validation experiences with alternative, rapid microbiological methods have also served this purpose.

In digital times, there are also further opportunities. This is particularly important as the exchange at conferences and congresses has been largely absent in the past 15 months. The ECA Pharmaceutical Microbiology Group has therefore decided to supplement the possibility of written best practice papers with video recordings, e.g. in the form of Q&As on successful projects in implementing alternative microbiological methods.

The first Q&A interview with Dr Sven M. Deutschmann, Head of ASAT "Adventitious Agents Testing & Alternative Microbiological Methods" at Roche Diagnostics and Chairman of the ECA Pharmaceutical Microbiology Working Group (PMG) about the establishment of an alternative sterility test is now available in the Pharmaceutical Microbiology Group website members' area. In the interview with Dr Ulrich Herber, Charles River and member of the PMG Advisory Board, Dr Deutschmann explains the way to achieve acceptance for an alternative sterility test based on ATP-bioluminescence by the responsible authorities.

In addition, three colleagues from Roche, Boehringer and Labor LS will report on their experiences with the system as part of PharmaLab 2021.
Do you have experience yourself with the implementation of new methods? You are also interested in sharing your experiences? Please contact us. We look forward to receiving suggestions for further contributions to this planned series of Best Practice Guides.

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