GMP Search Engine - Finding what you look for quickly

With the GMP Search Engine, the ECA website provides you with a powerful tool. Because it allows you to search internal GMP databases just as easily as specifically selected websites.

All you need to do to get a comprehensive results list quickly is to choose "GMP Database" in the "Search in" area and then to enter a keyword (e.g. 'Validation', 'API'). As soon as you click the "Search" button next to the "Keyword" field, the relevant results will be shown - an individual collection of GMP/GDP News, Guidelines and Courses and Conferences which you will not get anywhere else.

Or, if you are looking for a particular guidance document, just select "Guidelines" in the "Search in" drop down menu. Following simply enter just a meaningful part of the title - like "Aseptic Processing" or "Risk Management" - in the "Keyword" field, as a deviation from the correct complete title possibly results in the desired guideline not being found. Also leave out the name of the issuing authority (e.g. FDA). The results list then comprises all relevant guidelines, e.g. from FDA PIC/S and all other regulatory authorities. And if you click on any of the displayed results, you get to the direct link to that Guideline, the publishing authority and information on the type of document and a brief summary.

Other areas you can search in include training courses and conferences, news and course and conference documentations.

You can find the GMP Search Engine above the menu.

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