ECA Guide on Visual Inspection: Current Version for all Participants of the Particles Event

Participants of the ECA Conference Particles in Parenterals in Vienna, Austria, from 11-12 October will receive the current version of ECA's Guidance Document on Visual Inspection of Parenterals. The document, which was developed by the Board of ECA's Visual Inspection Group, covers Manual and Automated Inspection including qualification, validation and revalidation in the following chapters:

  • Manual inspection
  • Automated inspection 
  • Inspection of lyophilized product 
  • Defect Classes 
  • Evaluation of defect classes and trending 
  • Batch release 
  • Concerns regarding distributed product
  • Definitions

Besides the Conference on Visual Inspection/Particles another conference on Container-/Closure-Integrity testing as well as a course on the fundamentals of visual inspection take place in Vienna. More information about the combinations possible can be found on the ECA Visual Inspection Page.

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