Comprehensive Cannabis Roadmap provides GMP/Regulatory Information

To find out what GMP, other regulations and documents there are available with regard to medicinal cannabis and CBD products in different countries takes time. For that reason the ECA's Cannabis Working Group started to summarize all the information available on a global level. The result is a comprehensive Cannabis Roadmap.

One example for the various regulations is the German Pharmacopeia (DAB). Currently it contains two official Cannabis Monographs: Cannabis Flower and Cannabis Extract. However, the DAB Monographs are only provided in German language. Therefore, the group made a (non-official) translation of the two monographs. These translations will be part of the conference documentation of the ECA´s Live Online GMP for Cannabis Conference on 14/15 June or in the regulatory part on 16 June. As a participant in either of the two events you will receive this non-official translations of both DAB monographs.

In addition, every participant will receive the printed version (100 pages) of the ECA´s Cannabis Working Group Roadmap - Global GMP Requirements and Regulatory Information on Medicinal Cannabis (and CBD Products).

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