Pest Control Strategies - Guidance Document

In 2018, the ISPE Japan Affiliate published a  "Pest Control Manual" for the first time. Until today, there was more or less a lack of guidance documents for pest control strategies for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Now, this document with over 170 pages will provide you with guidance on strategies for operational procedures, on buildings and facilities and offer an extensive insect library for identification. How useful is the new guidance, and what is included? What are the current strategies for pest monitoring and control? How is digitisation progressing in pest control systems?

The new Pest Control Session, part of the PharmaLab Conference taking place on 20 November, 2018, will show you the regulatory background and authorities' expectations toward suitable pest control programmes in the field of GMP manufacturing. Additionally, experts from manufacturing, laboratory and pest control companies present their experiences in developing and implementing a suitable pest control strategy. The presentations will cover the requirements for different areas, cleanroom classes and laboratories. Besides the classic traps for rodents and insects, the course provides you information about modern online controlled pest control systems.

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