Now Official: Revised USP Plastic Packaging Chapters <661.1> and <661.2>

The USP Expert Committee General Chapters—Packaging and Distribution posted on April 28, 2017, the previously announced Revision Bulletins, Postponement, regarding general chapters <659>, <661>, <661.1> and <661.2>. The revisions of the four general chapters have become official on May 1, 2017.

As reported under "Three-year period for implementation of USP Plastic Packaging Chapters <661.1> and <661.2>" the reason for the revisions is

  • to provide a three-year period for implementation of the requirements specified in General Chapters <661.1> and <661.2>, which otherwise will become applicable on May 1, 2017 through General Chapter <659>;
  • to reinstate requirements previously expressed in General Chapter <661> during this three-year period;
  • to enable early adoption of the requirements in General Chapters <661.1> and <661.2> at any time during the three-year period instead of meeting the reinstated <661> requirements; and
  • to remove the current exemption to General Chapters <661.1> for previously approved packaging systems.

To find more details please see the USP Official Text.

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