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FDA Warning Letter for not Adequately Testing Components prior to Use in the Manufacture

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a Warning Letter to a Mexican manufacturer. According to the FDA, the firm did not adequately validate the process and qualify the equipment used to manufacture the drug products. Furthermore, the company did not adequately test components prior to use in the manufacture of drug products destined for the US market.



ECA Good Practice Guide Integrated Qualification and Validation - Final Version

A Task Force with members from the pharmaceutical industry, plant manufacturers and engineering companies has created the ECA Guide. The Guide was designed based on the requirements of EU GMP Annex 15 and supplemented by aspects of ASTM Guide 2500. The Annexes are very important for the applicability of the Good Practice Guide. They contain sample documents and templates that are successfully used in the pharmaceutical industry and in plant engineering and construction. Read more about the Guide in the GMP Journal Article.



What do Authorities expect from Cleaning in the GMP Area?

Cleaning is an important process step in the field of pharmaceutical production. So what are the requirements for GMP-compliant cleaning from the perspective of the authorities? A current FDA Warning Letter provides information on this.



Regulatory Requirements for Ongoing/Continued Process Verification

With the coming into force of the FDA Process Validation Guideline 2011 and the revision of Annex 15 (2015), the process life cycle has become state of the art in the field of validation. What does this mean in practice?



FDA and Design Qualification

The term Design Qualification is not used in the current FDA Guidance on Process Validation. However, it is addressed that the design of a facility plays a role within the scope of a qualification. Moreover, in a current Warning Letter the FDA criticizes design deficiencies in a water system.



Q&As Cleaning Validation - Part 2

In last week's newsletter you could read about part I of Q&As on cleaning validation - asked during ECA's first Cleaning Validation Online Training Course in September. The ECA would like to share a selection of these Q&As on Cleaning Validation - now in part II.



Q&As Cleaning Validation - Part I

In September the ECA offered the first Cleaning Validation Online Training Course - with many questions for the speaker. The ECA would like to share a selection of these Q&As on Cleaning Validation with the community.



How does an Authority react if no Process Validation is available?

A successfully completed process validation is one of the basic GMP requirements for a product to be marketed. So, how does an authority react if a product is already on the market but no process validation has been carried out? The FDA provides answers in a current Warning Letter.



Warning Letter: FDA criticises Missing Re-Validation

The FDA has recently issued a Warning Letter to criticize, among other things, the lack of revalidation at a pharmaceutical manufacturer. At first sight, this seems surprising, as it replaces stage 3 of the process validation lifecycle, the Continued Process Verification, the periodic re-validation that was common in the past (exceptions are made in the sterile area). What are the reasons for FDA's request?



WHO Publishes Another Draft Guideline on Health-Based Exposure Limits

In June you could already read about a WHO draft guideline on the topic of limit values in cleaning validation. This draft has now been significantly revised and re-issued with a new title "Point to consider when including Health-Based Exposure Limits (HBELs) in cleaning validation". What changes have been made?



Survey Results on the Use of Electronic Documentation in Equipment Qualification

Since at least the end of the 80s, equipment qualification has been an official expected standard. In the meantime, electronic documentation systems have been widely used. Nevertheless, pharmaceutical companies often still work with paper, especially in the field of equipment qualification. Would it not be possible to use more qualification documents electronically? This is something we wanted to find out from you. 14 questions were asked to give an overview of this topic.



PIC/S publishes Q&A document on Health Based Exposure Limits and Cross-Contamination

In the last newsletter you could already read about a new Aide-Memoire of the PIC/S for the inspection of health-based exposure limits (HBEL). At the same time, the PIC/S has published a Q&A document on HBEL and cross-contamination. What is behind this Q&A paper?



PIC/S publishes Aide-Memoire for the Inspection of Health Based Exposure Limit

In June, the Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention/Cooperation Scheme (PIC/S) re-issued document PI 052-1. What is in it?



Data Integrity Issues at the Focus of a Warning Letter for a US-American Company

Data integrity issues remain at the focus of FDA inspections. Insufficient or missing controls to ensure the integrity of electronic test data were one of the reasons for the Warning Letter issued to the American company Stason Pharmaceuticals.



Audit Trail Review for Devices with "Standard Audit Trail" Functions

The topics data integrity/audit trail generate a multitude of questions. Current questions are addressed in a loose sequence of News. Question 8: What is the procedure for devices with standard audit trail functions if only a fraction of the data is relevant for the audit trail review?


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