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Remote Access to Critical GxP Systems by Service Providers

The topic data integrity raises a multitude of questions. Current questions are addressed in a loose sequence of News. Question 8: Must there be regulations for remote access by service providers to GxP-critical systems and what data integrity requirements must they contain?



What does "State of Control" mean for the FDA?

In the context of process validation, the FDA attaches considerable importance to a "state of control". The FDA expects evidence of this "state of control" as part of stage 3 "continued process verification" within the validation lifecycle. Now, what exactly does the FDA want to see? Parts of the answer to this question can be found in Warning Letters.



How to handle Legacy Systems if no Audit Trail is available or a "User Login" is not possible?

The topic data integrity raises a multitude of questions. Current questions are addressed in a loose sequence of News. Question 7: How to handle Legacy Systems if no audit trail is available or a "user login" is not possible?



How does the FDA deal with Processes that cannot be validated?

In an interesting Warning Letter, the FDA replies to a letter from a pharmaceutical manufacturer that had received a 483 deficiency report in which the FDA criticized, among other things, deficiencies in process validation. Read more about the correspondence.



Warning Letter for US Manufacturer: Issues in the Water System

A US-American pharmaceutical manufacturer received a Warning Letter from the FDA in November 2019 due to microbial issues in the water system, deficiencies in qualification/validation and insufficient stability data. Read more here.



Identity Testing and Stability Studies criticised in an FDA Inspection

The first FDA warning letter of the year goes to a Chinese contract manufacturer of over-the-counter (OTC) drug products for multiple violations of current good manufacturing practice (cGMP).



US Manufacturer of homeopathic Medicines and nutritional Supplements receives FDA Warning Letter

From inadequate cleaning to poor laboratory controls of quality and purity - a manufacturer of homeopathics in the U.S. received a Warning Letter from the FDA.



cGMP Qualification/Running of Water Systems

Water systems are one of the most important systems in the pharmaceutical industry. What are the GMP requirements for the qualification and running of these systems? The US GMP regulations (21 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) 210/211) do not provide much concrete information on this. There is still a Guide to Inspection for FDA inspectors from the early 90s. So, what does the FDA expect today? A current Warning Letter provides a few answers.



FDA's Current Thinking on Process Validation

When it comes to process validation, FDA's Process Validation Guidance from 2011 is state-of-the-art. It is interesting to see how the FDA would like to see the guidance implemented. Here, the findings described in Warning Letters issued after FDA inspections can help. A recent Warning Letter regarding deficiencies to 21 CFR 211.100 from October 2019 mentions the following.



Process Validation in Homeopathic Manufacturing - FDA's Perspective

In a current Warning Letter, the FDA describes the process validation requirements imposed on a contract manufacturer of homeopathic medicinal products.



Data Integrity for Analytical Instruments connected to a LIMS via a Middleware

The data integrity topic raises a number of questions. Current questions are addressed in a loose sequence of News. Question 6: How can I handle analysis devices that are connected to a LIMS via a middleware? The manufacturer does not allow access to the original data in the automated analyser though.



Warning Letter: Deficiencies in Validation and OOS

Once again, an Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer has received a Warning Letter from the US-American FDA due to deficiencies discovered during an inspection. The Letter focuses on deficiencies in the validation and the handling of OOS results in the laboratory. Read more here



EMA website on Permitted Daily Exposure (PDE) limits

The issue of cross-contamination has been addressed by authorities since the publication of the first edition of the EU GMP Guidelines. The EMA has compiled everything essential on health-based exposure limits and PDE limits on their website.



New Ph. Eur. chapter on statistical process control (SPC) planned

Process controls have become customary in pharmaceutical processes. The aim is to monitor a process and improve it if possible. Statistical process control (SPC) is viewed as one option to implement Ongoing/Continued Process Verification. PharmEuropa has now published a new draft chapter on the topic.



Fundamental GMP Deficiencies at US-American Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

During the inspection of a pharmaceutical manufacturer in the USA, the FDA discovered fundamental GMP deficiencies which concern - among other things - cleaning of equipment, cleaning validation, the water system and the stability programme.


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