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FDA criticises missing stage 3 in validation lifecycle

In a five-page warning letter to an OTC manufacturer, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) criticises, inter alia, the missing program for continued  process verification.



ICH M11: CeSHarP

In June 2018 the ICH Assembly agreed to work on a new guideline ICH M11 "Clinical electronic Structured Harmonized Protocol (CeSHarP)".



GCP: FDA Draft on Data Integrity in Clinical Studies

The FDA published a draft guidance on Data Integrity in clinical studies of veterinary medicinal products to support new animal drug applications. Read more about the documentation of  Electronic Data Files and Statistical Analysis Programs.



No second chance for a first impression - inspection result by a European supervisory agency

The Maltese competent authority has performed an initial inspection at the facility of an Indian manufacturer and packer in March 2018. This resulted in a Non-Compliance Statement regarding GMP.



Manufacturing without process validation and stability testing - the quickest way to receiving a warning letter

If a company neglects basic GMP principles, it is not very likely for it to pass an FDA inspection. Read here, what violations concerning the testing of incoming materials, the final testing of finished products and the control of production processes lead to a warning letter.



Warning letter due to non-validated Analytical Methods

Procedures for the analysis of GMP-liable products must be validated. Read here, what deficiencies involving the validation of analytical methods and the handling of OOS results almost inevitably lead to a Warning Letter.



Be prepared when the GCP inspector asks about Data Integrity

Recently a post in the MHRA blog informed about common findings GCP Inspectors have seen across a number of recent inspections. Read more about Data integrity in Clinical Trials.



FDA Requirements on Process Validation - a Warning Letter provides Information

The coming into force of the new FDA guidance on process validation in 2011 led to a shift in paradigm. Validation is a three-stage life cycle now and also includes commercial production in stage three. What does that mean for implementing the FDA proces validation guidance though? 



Missing Audit Trail Review led to Warning Letter

Chinese manufacturer Zhejiang Ludao Technology received an FDA Warning Letter in February, 2018. During the FDA inspection, the missing Audit Trail Review for the HPLC system was particularly criticised.



ECA Data Integrity Task Force issues Version 2.0 of Data Integrity Guide

With the authorities' increasing attention to data governance and data integrity the ECA's Data Integrity Task Force's just released version 2.0 of its Data Integrity Guide provides an ideal tool for implementing data integrity in practice.



Ignoring Inspection Results doesn't pay off

After an FDA inspection with relevant results, the FDA usually expects a response within 15 days. What happens, however, if there is no response to the FDA inspection results?



New MHRA "GxP Data Integrity Guidance and Definitions" published

On 09 March, 2018, the British supervisory agency MHRA published the final version of its guideline on data integrity which has been available as a draft since July 2016. Find out more on a first analysis of the new document "GXP Data Integrity Guidance and Definitions" .



Inspectors' Aide Memoire on Process Validation - a Detailed Analysis

With the Annex 15 revision, the issue of process validation became significantly more complicated. What is an authority's view on the topic of process validation?



How is the Data Governance System to be implemented in your Company?

The PIC/S draft guideline "Good Practices for Data Management and Integrity" requires every company to have a data governance system in place in addition to their existing QM system. But how can such a system be implemented? Find out more about the requirements and specifications of the PIC/S guideline for the pharmaceutical Data Governance System.



Regulatory requirements for Audit Trail Reviews

Audit Trails and their reviews are an important requirement in the current GMP policies. Specific requirements can be found in a number of guidelines, these days. Despite that, many questions about the specific implementation of this complex topic into practice remain. Read more about the EU, PIC/S and FDA requirements concerning Audit Trails and their reviews.


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