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Requirements for Risk Analyses in the Regulatory Submission Dossier: EMA's and FDA's Recommendations

The EMA has published a new question & answer-(Q&A) paper together with the FDA at the end of 2014. This document answers questions on detailed requirements in connection with the documents concerning regulatory submissions. Read the answers to the topic risk analysis here.



Frequent GMP Question: How many Signatures are required for Validation Protocols/ Reports?

As part of the validation and qualification activities for the production of medicinal products, the following question often arises: how many signatures have to be put under the respective protocols and reports? Which part do the Heads of Production and QA play for the signatures? Read more about the answers provided by the EU GMP Guide.



What are the EU GMP Requirements for the Validation of Excel Spreadsheets?

Everyone uses Excel Spreadsheets. Also in pharmaceutical companies, Excel Spreadsheets are used in different departments. But what are the EU GMP requirements for the templates. Read more in our GMP News about Excel Spreadsheets.



WHO publishes second Draft on the Revision of its Process Validation Guideline

Comments to the first draft on the revision of the current process validation guideline (for non-sterile processes) from April 2014 have now flowed into the second one. This is obvious at one point or another. Read more.



Current FDA's Warning Letters on IT Topics - Part 2: Finished Medicinal Products and APIs

In cases of serious deviations from the GMP requirements, the US FDA issues Warning Letters to the companies concerned. In some current Warning Letters from 2014, significant GMP deficiencies with regard to IT topics can be found. Read on.



MHRA's Guidance for Software as a Medical Device (including Apps)

The British MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) has published a guidance for developers of "software as a medical device"  = "stand-alone software". The text also expressly addresses "apps". Get the details here.



Current FDA's Warning Letters on IT Topics - Part 1: Medical Devices

In cases of serious deviations from the GMP requirements, the US FDA issues Warning Letters to the companies concerned. In some current Warning Letters from 2014, significant GMP deficiencies with regard to IT topics can be found. Read more.



Austrian QP Association (aqpa) publishes Comments on the Annex 15 Draft

The publication of the revised draft of the EU GMP Guide's Annex 15 is the opportunity for the EMA to get comments on it. The opportunity has been used by the Austrian QP Associaton (aqpa). Read more about the comments.



FDA Guidance for Industry: Electronic Source Data in Clinical Investigations

The FDA published its new Guidance for Industry (GfI) - "Electronic Source Data in Clinical Investigations" in September 2013. The Guidance defines the expectations of the FDA concerning electronic source data generated in the context of clinical trials.  Find out more about this Guidance.



APIC publishes Guidance on Cleaning Validation in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Plants

An APIC multinational working group has compiled a new guidance on cleaning validation with the title "APIC Guidance on Aspects of Cleaning Validation in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Plants". Publication date is May 2014 and the document can be downloaded from the APIC website. Here you will find a summary description of the document.



ISPE GAMP R&D and Clinical Systems SIG publish first Concept Paper

When changing from paper-based to computerized systems and processes in the field of Good Clinical Practice (GCP), validating these systems is of critical importance, as inspectors are increasingly focussing on this facet of clinical trials. The ISPE GAMP R&D and Clinical Systems SIG has published a Concept Paper on the application of GAMP 5 validation principles to the GCP field.  Read more here about the Concept Paper



Validation - Revision of Annex 15: Industry's "problems" - Results of an ECA Industry Survey

With the publication of a draft on the revision of Annex 15 at the beginning of February 2014, movement was brought into the GMP requirements on validation and qualification - also in Europe. Changes attributable to revision of Annex 15 should not be underestimated. The European Compliance Academy (ECA) has carried out a survey and determined how industry assesses these possible changes and which uncertainties exist concerning the revision draft. To get a conclusion on the analysis of the survey read this news.



WHO publishes Draft on Process Validation

Dated April 2014 the WHO published a proposal for the revision of appendix 7 (non-sterile process validation) as a supplementary to the Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices. The reason given for the revision is compliance with actual GMP requirements. The following is an in-depth analysis.



EMA issues Draft Guideline on Process Validation for Biotechnological Products - an Analysis

In the GMP Newsletter last week we already reported about the EMA Draft Guideline of Process Validation for biotechnological products. To get a more detailed analysis please see this news.



EMA publishes Guideline Draft on Validation of biotechnology-derived Products

For the EMA, it was necessary to develop an independent guideline on the topic as - despite the existence of harmonised ICH documents - specific aspects of the validation of biotechnology-derived products have been missing. A draft is now available.


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