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FDA announces new Programme for a more efficient Inspection of Imports

During a speech on February 4, 2010, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, commissioner of the FDA, introduced a new programme with which the FDA will be able to inspect products for import more effectively and efficiently. From Dr. Hamburg's point of view, measures for the safeguarding of the supply chain ("global supply chain safety") have top priority. You can read more of this speech here.



Current Status of the Counterfeit Directive in the EU Parliament

The proposed directive about counterfeit medicines contains a number of provisions which will have a major impact for the GMP environment. In December 2009 the EU parliament published a draft report. Read more here.



Discussion about Safety Features/2D Datamatrix Code Continues

In December 2008, the European Commission presented proposals for ensuring safe medicinal products and combating counterfeit medicinal products. In early December 2009, the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety conducted a meeting  - where some of the details were subject to controversial discussions. Get the details here.


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