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India's Track&Trace System for the Export of Medicinal Products

On 1 April the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry has supplemented a paragraph that substantiates the actual requirements and the timeline for the implementation of the Track and Trace system for the export of medicinal products. Read more about the Indian Track&Trace System.



Two more Cases of Counterfeiting in the legal Supply Chain

Just recently we reported about the counterfeited HIV drug Viread (Tenofovir) from Gilead and how the counterfeited Viread packs had penetrated into the legal supply chain. At that time a parallel importer had detected the deviations and could therefore stop the further distribution. Now, promptly another two cases came up. Read more about the counterfeiting of the drug Humira.



Counterfeiting in Reimport of Viread in the legal Supply Chain

Counterfeit medicines in the legal supply chain are increasingly becoming a problem. Experts are sure that counterfeiters will try more and more to sell fake medicines not only via the Internet, but through "infiltrating" them into the legal supply chain - meaning pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmacies. Another case became known now. Read more in the news about the counterfeit drugs in the legal supply chain.



EU vs US: what are the new Track and Trace Requirements?

Currently, drug supply chain traceability and verification systems are implemented in the EU and the US. Unfortunately the approaches are slightly different. Read more.



Product Tracing in the USA

With the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and the related implementation plan over a ten year period dated from 2013 new requirements were defined in the USA which are to improve the traceability of prescription drugs within the supply chain. Now the start has been postponed by means of an FDA Guideline that was released already in December 2014. Read more.



New USP Proposals on "Supply Chain Integrity"

In a publication in the Pharmacopeial Forum, the USP describes the future USP chapters planned for Good Distribution Practices (GDP). The new Chapter <1083.4> focuses on the supply chain integrity and security. More information can be found here in the News.



EU's Counterfeits Directive - Current Information of the EU Commission regarding the Implementation of Safety Features

Further information has now been released about EU Commission's delegated acts on the Counterfeit Directive after a workshop involving stakeholders took place on 28 April 2014. Read more here about the recommendations made for the implementation of future safety features.



Integrity and Security of Medicinal Products Supply Chains - New Instructions in the US-American Pharmacopeia (USP)

The revision of the General Chapters on Good Distribution Practices (GDP) has highlighted in a new USP chapter the safety and integrity of the supply chains for starting materials and medicinal products. More information can be found in the News.



EDQM Database on Counterfeit/ Falsified Medicinal Products

The EDQM has announced the launch of a database on counterfeit/falsified medicinal products. This should encourage collaboration between authorities and OMCL laboratories, and enhance knowledge and awareness of the issue of counterfeit/falsified medicines. More information can be found in this News.



A new Legislation in the USA gives more Power to the FDA in the Fight against Counterfeits

At the end of November 2013, President Obama signed the "Drug Quality and Security" Act in the USA. With this Act, the FDA gets the legal obligation to implement a Track & Trace system in the USA. In February, the FDA published the first timetable for the implementation. Read more in the News.



EU's Counterfeits Directive - Current Information of the EU Commission regarding the Implementation

First information has now been released about EU Commission's delegated acts on the Counterfeit Directive. Read more about the recommendations made for the implementation of future safety features.



EFPIA selects Microsoft Cloud Platform for the European Verification System against counterfeit Medicines

After a selection process over 15 months and out of 20 vendors the EFPIA and the European Medicines Verification System (EMVS) has chosen the software company Solidsoft with the cloud-based Windows Azure from Microsoft. You will find everything else in this news.



EFPIA - What Medicinal Product Manufacturers need to know about the European Verification System EMVS

What provisions does a pharmaceutical company have to make today to meet the future requirements of the EU directive against counterfeit medicines? The EFPIA "guidance for manufacturers" shows what is required and what is necessary so that in future the distribution channels for medicines are safe. Read the details in this news.



Traceability: EDQM is Making Progress Towards the Implementation of eTACT

Traceability is on everyone's lips. Directive 2011/62/EU - the so-called Counterfeit Directive - calls for the introduction of so-called safety features to enable authenticity verification and the identification of individual packages. Read more here about the latest EDQM activities.



Updated on Implementation of the Counterfeit Directive 2011/62 in the EU Countries

All EU countries are obliged to transpose the requirements of the so-called Counterfeit Directive 2011/62EU in their national legislation. Read more here about the implementation.


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