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Important Questions and Answers concerning the Audit Trail Review

The webinar "Audit Trail Review" took place in February 2017. Its aim was to address the main elements of data integrity and audit trail reviews. Participants have sent more than 50 questions regarding the webinar which the speaker, Dr Wolfgang Schumacher, has partly answered in writing. Learn more about the Webinar Audit Trail Review and about the corresponding questions asked.



Serious FDA Warning Letter issued to European Manufacturer of Sterile Drugs, Part 3 - Data Integrity

As a consequence of significant GMP violations, the American FDA issued an unusually serious Warning Letter to a Hungarian company on 13 October 2016. Serious also because the authority put this company on import alert until the violations are corrected. Read more about the details concerning data integrity issues listed in the 2016 FDA Warning Letter to Teva Pharmaceutical Works Private Ltd. 



How important is "Data Governance" for your Company?

In August 2016, the PIC/S published the draft of the Guideline "Good Practices for Data Management and Integrity". Here, organisational measures and controls are required to review and assure the effectiveness of the internal data governance system. Read more about the PIC/S requirements for the pharmaceutical data governance systems.



Data Integrity - two new documents from PIC/S and EMA

Data Integrity is one of the hottest topics in regulatory activities at the moment. After the publication of draft documents by FDA in April 2016 and MHRA in July 2016, the PIC/S and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) followed on 10 August 2016 with two new documents. Please find here a short overview of the PIC/S draft PI 041-1 "Good practices for data management and integrity in regulated GMP/GDP environments" and the EMA  "Questions and Answers: Good Manufacturing Practices - Data Integrity".



MHRA GxP Data Integrity Definitions and Guidance for Industry: New Draft Version for Consultation

In January and March 2015, the U.K. Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) published a "GMP Data Integrity Definitions and Guidance for Industry". The agency has recently published a new version of the Guidance. Please find here a short overview of the new features in the "GxP Data Integrity Definitions and Guidance for Industry: Draft version for consultation".



German Company receives FDA Warning Letter for Data Integrity Issues

On 16 May 2016, the FDA issued a Warning Letter to the German APIs manufacturer BBT Biotech GmbH. Read more about the deviations discovered with regard to computerised systems and data integrity.



Final WHO Guidance Document on Good Data and Record Management Practices

The WHO has just released the  the final version of the important guideline "Good Data and Record Management Practices".



Extensive Warning Letter for Indian Manufacturer of Sterile Medicinal Products - Part 2

Again, the US American FDA has issued a Warning Letter to a manufacturer of sterile medicinal products. Extensive and serious violations of the GMP principles have been discovered at the Indian manufacturer Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited. Part 2 of this News addresses environment and personnel topics. Read more about the most significant deviations in this Warning Letter.



New FDA Draft Guidance 'Data Integrity and Compliance with cGMP' published

In the last years, the topic "data integrity" has become a priority for the FDA. Recently, the Agency has published the draft of a Guidance for Industry on the topic which presents the comprehensive opinion of the FDA on data integrity. Read more about the draft of the Guidance for Industry "Data Integrity and Compliance with cGMP".



ECA establishes new Interest Group on Pharmaceutical IT Compliance

The ECA Foundation has established various working and interest groups concentrating on different topics. To cover IT technologies with regard to international GMP requirements the Foundation now established a new Interest Group on Pharmaceutical IT Compliance.



New WHO Draft on "Good Data and Record Management"

Data Integrity as a topic has become one of the main focuses of the regulatory authorities. Mid-September, the WHO published a draft guidance for comment on this topic too. Read more about the WHO Draft Guidance on Good Data and Record Management.



The integrity of GMP data - part 2 of the new MHRA blog

In July 2015, the second MHRA blog on the theme of data integrity went live. This time, the focus is on designing systems properly. The ALCOA principles are considered to be very helpful. Read more about the MHRA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Data Integrity blog part 2.



Integrity of GMP Data - New MHRA Blog!

In June 2015 the MHRA, UK, has started an online blog particularly on data integrity. From their perspective the great misunderstanding is that failures with regard to the integrity of data are only caused by deliberate fraud. Read more about the MHRA Blog on Data Integrity.



What are the EU GMP Requirements for the Validation of Excel Spreadsheets?

Everyone uses Excel Spreadsheets. Also in pharmaceutical companies, Excel Spreadsheets are used in different departments. But what are the EU GMP requirements for the templates. Read more in our GMP News about Excel Spreadsheets.



Current FDA's Warning Letters on IT Topics - Part 2: Finished Medicinal Products and APIs

In cases of serious deviations from the GMP requirements, the US FDA issues Warning Letters to the companies concerned. In some current Warning Letters from 2014, significant GMP deficiencies with regard to IT topics can be found. Read on.


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