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Monographs on radiopharmaceutical preparations - Revised Guideline

At the beginning of the year, the EDQM published a revised version of its guidelines for the preparation of monographs on radiopharmaceutical preparations. It now includes a new section on method validation.



Revision of EMA's Guideline on the Use of Pharmaceutical Water

In the course of the revision of the European Pharmacopoeia which allows the production of WFI with other methods than distillation, the revision of EMA's "Guideline on the quality of water for pharmaceutical use" has become necessary.



New Ph. Eur Monograph on PAT adopted

The European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) Commission adopted 16 new texts including the general chapter on PAT - Process analytical technology (5.25).



New ICH Topic Q14 and Revision of Q2

A new ICH topic was endorsed by the ICH Management Committee in November 2018. Read more about the proposed new ICH Q14 guideline Analytical Procedure Development and the revision of Q2(R1) Analytical Validation.



Stability by Design - Guidelines for Assessing & Controlling Physical Stability

The USP Physical Stability Joint Subcommittee has published a Stimuli article regarding Guidelines For Assessing and Controlling the Physical Stability of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Intermediates, and Dosage Forms. 



New Timeline for USP Plastics Packaging Chapters

The USP posted a new timeline for the implementation of the plastics packaging chapters 661.1 and 661.2. So far, the new chapters were to become applicable on May 1, 2020. The implementation of the new requirements will now be delayed until December 1, 2025.



FDA Warning Letter: Outlier Test inadequate for OOS Investigation

The API manufacture Zhuhai United Laboratories Co. Ltd. received a Warning Letter from the FDA in June 2018. The FDA criticized that the OOS results of assay determinations haven't been adequately investigated. According to the FDA, the sole use of outlier tests is not appropriate. Read more about FDA's Warning Letter to Zhuhai United Laboratories.



Missing Investigation of OOS Results leads to FDA Warning Letter

The API manufacturer Keshava received a Warning Letter from the FDA in March 2018. During the inspection, it has been criticised that no corrective actions had been taken for Out-of-Specification results and that a few analyses missed complete data. Read more here about the FDA Warning Letter for Keshava Organics.



USP Stimuli Article on the Correct Use of Mean Kinetic Temperature

Recording temperatures during transport of pharmaceutical products as well as calculating the mean kinetic temperature is essential for assessing a batch with regard to its quality status. How to avoid mistakes when calculating the mean kinetic temperature?



European Pharmacopoeia: New Chapter on Visual Inspection for Visible Particles

The European Pharmacopoeia has published a new chapter on testing of parenterals for visible, particulate matter in Pharmeuropa 30.4.



Purpose of the ECA AQCG Guideline on Analytical Procedure Lifecycle Management

ECA's Analytical QC Group has developed a comprenesive Guideline on Analytical Procedure Lifecycle Management (APLM). Find more details about the purpose of this new and important ECA AQCG Guideline.



Insufficient handling of data integrity and validation of analytical methods lead to FDA warning letter

Drug manufacturer Reine Lifescience received an FDA warning letter in May 2018. During the inspection, it was particularly criticised that the company could not provide data on the validation and verification of their analytical methods. The controls of their computerised systems have not been sufficient, either. Read more about the recent FDA warning letter to Reine Lifescience.



Data integrity still in the focus of FDA: new warning letter to Japanese API manufacturer

The topics data and data integrity are still in the focus in FDA inspections. Find out more about the details of a warning letter to Japanese API manufacturer Yuki Gosei Kogyo Co. Ltd.



Successful ECA, USP and EDQM Joint Conference on Glass packaging

The "Glass meets Pharma" conference on glass packaging was held in early June in Berlin. Read more about the presentations and discussions at the first USP, EDQM and ECA Joint conference.



How should modern analytical development be conducted?

The board of the ECA Foundation's "Analytical Quality Control Group" wants to strengthen the lifecycle approach to analytical development. Therefore, the Group developed a new guideline on "Analytical Procedure Lifecycle Management". Find out more about the content of the new APLM Guideline and on how modern analytical development should be conducted today.


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