New VDI Guidelines for Clean Room Technology

The Association of German Engineers (VDI ="Verein Deutscher Ingenieure") has recently released two new draft guidelines from the area of clean room technology. VDI 3803 Part 1 addresses structural and technical principles for centralised ventilation and air-conditioning installations whereas VDI 3803 Part 4 describes different filters for ventilating. The new drafts are intended for use by planners, manufacturers of HVAC systems, operators of VAC installations as well as architects.

VDI 3803 Part 1 - Air-conditioning - Structural and technical principles - Central air-conditioning systems (VDI ventilation code of practice), draft from August 2018

The VDI 3803 Blatt 1 standard deals with requirements on HVAC systems for energy-efficient and - from hygienic and safety-related perspectives - trouble-free operation. The guideline applies to the planning and execution of HVAC installations and includes requirements on all components and parts of a ventilation system as well as instructions regarding heating (including heat recovery) and refrigerating systems for air conditioning, with regard to hygiene, fire protection and building automation. During the elaboration of the new draft of VDI 3803 Part 1, a large number of modifications, supplements, specifications and extensions have been done to the still applicable white paper from 2010. For example: adaptation to the modified state of the art of standardisation (e.g. DIN EN 16798, DIN EN 16890, VDI 6022) and of regulations (eco-design for HVAC systems and cooling generators); air filtering (instrumental filter pre-warming no longer allowed, first filter stage to be connected to the suction side); use of ground-coupled heat exchangers and effects on heat recovery; cleaning of ground-coupled heat exchangers and heat recovery units; leaks of heat recovery units and air pipes.
Through the draft of the VDI 3803 Part 1, a current set of rules has been created which puts the requirements on HVAC systems on a new foundation and provides the basis for the planning and execution of HVAC systems. The draft guideline consists of nine chapters and three annexes.

VDI 3803 Part 4 - Air-conditioning - System requirements - Air filter systems, (VDI Ventilation Code of Practice), draft from November 2018

Part 4 of VDI 3803 (current white paper from September 2012) specifically deals with characteristics, classifications, reviews, scope of application and limits of the different types of air filter systems in clean room technology (coarse, fine, HEPA and molecular filters). The guideline has been strongly revised and partly redefined. This had become necessary as a result of technological progress and the introduction of several technical rules such as the air filter standard DIN EN ISO 16890 (replacing DIN EN 779), DIN EN 16798 Part 3 (ventilation of non-residual buildings), DIN EN 1822 (HEPA filter) and the hygiene guideline VDI 6022 Part 1. The draft of VDI 3803 Part 4 has been elaborated by the German-Swiss guidelines committee VDI 3803-4/SWKI VA 101-01 under the direction of Professor Arnold Brunner. It consists of 54 pages (white paper from 2012: 44 pages), 11 chapters and 6 annexes.
Currently, VDI 3803 Part 4 is by far the newest technical rule for the entire area of air filtration and for the use of air filters. Objections to the draft can be submitted to the VDI until January 31, 2019.

You can purchase the guidelines VDI 3083 Part 1 and VDI 3083 Part 4 via the Beuth publisher.

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